I am 5'10.5 and sometimes I see 6'1" people who seem short till u go next to them and 5'7 people who seem tall... why?


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  • I'm guessing it's their build

    • I guess so, many people think i am 6' tall too though i am barely 5'10+

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    • Oh really? What's the average height? I'm above average in the U. S. but not *that* tall.

    • If go simply by what stats say, 5'5" for men amd 5'2" for women lol but i guess that includes the whole country and at least 20-30% are malnourished. From what i observe among the middle and upper class people are, most guys are 5'9-6'1 and women in 5'4-5'8. If ur above 5'10 and 5'7, u tend to stand out a little


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  • We usually don't see how big we are compared to other people, I never considered myself big, but I am 6'3" tall,& weigh 300lbs, I have aaid back attitude and most who know me tell me I do t understand how others perceive me, like a gentle giant. But I don't think of myself as big. We don't always see ourselves in order to compare ourselves to someone else's size,

  • A person's build makes them look smaller or bigger