Is it true celebs actually claim to be shorter than they really are for the sake of modesty?


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  • actually it happens da other way round, unless they r really tall and they r ashamed of it. 4 x-ample i know Big Show claims 2 b he is 7' but many people who've seen him in person say he's actually 7'2"-7'4"

    • Then wjy does justin bieber claim to be 5'9 and zac efron 5'8" where they sre clearly no less thsn 6'1"

    • there's no wy JB is 6'1" LOL
      lemme guess... do u use FACTS? :p

      anyway JB must b 5'7" AT MOST. i believe ZE's 5'7" as well


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  • No I don't think so. They might lie to prevent men from being jealous of them but that is about it.


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  • Most celebs are tiny little bastards. The impression of height is artificially manufactured to make them seem more appealing and powerful.

    • They can't be that short i mean they are usually over 5'8" thats not short

    • Usually? At one point the top 5 earning actors (and a lot of others) were all under 5'6 when the average height was 5'8. It's now gone up to 5'10.
      To be fair, it's really hollywood where the height issue stands out. So many of the actresses are so tiny, they tend to prefer shorter guys because they look more 'in scale' but then you get an actress who started in another field like modelling or music, and you suddenly see world famous actors doing a love scene while stood on a milk crate.

  • I would think they would say they are taller than they actually are