I'd love to get some help from someone who knows a lot about computers! I don't know what I want to get?

So I need a new laptop for college. I don't need an amazingly awesome laptop. I just need one for the next four or five years. I want a 2-in-1 which would obviously mean I want a touch screen. I don't necessarily need a 2-in-1 butI really want the touchscreen feature. I don't need a laptop with a large internal drive because I plan on getting an external one. I want a Windows 8.

I also don't want to spend anymore than 700. I will most likely be going to Fye electronics in a couple days. I just want someone's outlook on what laptops I should be looking at.

Also all the computers I've had have had RAM problems. I don't know if it is because I'm downloading something I shouldn't or it's because I have buying low RAM systems.

I really appreciate the help. Thank you.


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  • Wal-Mart $279 Hp touchsmart.


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  • look at the HP pavillian it has a web cam built in has disk drive for making dvds and cds comes with window 8 and two year warenty get a potahard drive it has 3 hard drives 4 and half hour bat wireless entenet or wired700 dollerbag /fan loncored walmart

  • Alienware 18 inch custom gaming laptop $4500!


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