How can you be so certain your religion is the correct one?

Assume one religion is correct, which is already a bad assumption since you're assuming a future religion won't be the correct one or a previous dead religion isn't correct. THen take a bunch of different colored marbles that represent a different religion today and put them in a jar. Then shake up the jar and pick a marble without looking. This reflects the same odds of your religion being correct.

Furthermore personal experiences and religious visions are worthless. Your generic clone from another religion has the exact same thing for their religion. The God helmet can also produce these experiences in your brain so obviously they're fake. And you know what? Your arrogance that your feelings are correct is not evidence whatsoever. Its just a confirmation bias and people have had these exact ambiguous feelings about all sorts of nonsense. If your feelings were 100% reliable then you should be making billions from the stock market. EIther your feelings are either always correct or unreliable. You shouldn't trust feelings if you want to be a rational person.

How you can be so certain about knowledge you can't possibly have is super unreasonable. To be so arrogant that you say your religion is more correct than anyone else's is astonishing.

Also you're a hypcoritical idiot if you're going to write here about me being argumentative or wasting my time, or if you respond to arguments then get mad that you can't deal with certain arguments and block me, then please let someone else deal with your irrational nonsense and dont reply here. If you do then I will cite this part and you will be a stupid predictable fool.

@Bards both you and your comment are worthless reported for nonsense, obviously you're a spite ful religious person
@CityBoy88 idiot and hypocrite alert. Dont waste your time with him; he comes on here crying and whining about my supposed complaining and then writes a pathetic take on being a proud transgender hypocrite or some nonsense and complaining about various superficial. He spends half his article complaining about certain threads and then thinks he's mature and intelligent. Laughable

Amyways Of course he thinks its okay to question and bash politics but not religion.


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  • Yes all religions are nonsense and all of them can be quashed in seconds by children. It's sad to see that it has a grasp on not only a majority but people you are friends with or work with.


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  • Because other religions didn't make sense to me.

    And there are proofs in my religion.

    Predictions that are starting to come true, etc.

    And I just feel lost without it.

    • like famine and war and plagues and doubters? Really good predictions.

  • Honestly? You can't, you just have to go with what feels right to you; Christianity feels right to me so that's what I am.

    • so what you're saying is that your feelings are infalliable? How can you possibly know your feelings are reliable? How doesn't it shake your confidence that muslims who blow up buildings have the same feelings--it feels right for them to kill infidels in the name of allah. it would b extremely arrogant to say that your feelings were some how superior to theirs. Im just wondering what gives you such faith in feelings

    • I didn't say my feelings were 'right' or 'wrong', they're just feelings; and no I don't care what others think, feel or do, it has nothing to do with me.

    • so if they're just feelings and they're not right or wrong then why would you choose christianity? Feelings are mostly irrelevant is what you're implying so therefore you shouldn't base your most important beliefs on something which you dont even think is right. If you don't think your feelings are right then why christianity?

      And you don't care what others think or feel? That's incredibly self centered of you. The reason it has something to do with you is because their feelings are just as reliable as yours and thus you have no reason to believe christianity over Islam. Explain why you believe in Christianity when you dont even think your feelings regarding it are correct?

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  • Nobody can assume no one religion is the correct one and the only one, but to tell others their religion and what they worship as being worthless is disrespectful. Then you tell me MY stuff is irrational nonsense, yet you have the nerve to tell others their beliefs are and then tell them that their being arrogant for having a solid belief system?

    I'm not religious at all either. I don't really care much for religion, but I don't sit around talking shit about it. Like it's one thing to not care and have it that way, but you take it a step too far in having the nerve to sit around pretty much disrespecting people who believe in whatever they believe in.

    • so questioning religion is disrespectful becsuse its religion, and yet you probably wouldn't be crying if I was bashing equally fail tea party politics. I don't accept that religion deserves respect and also questioning something doesn't necessitate disrespect. You're being an irrational defender of oversensitihe religious people. And yes it's extremely arrogant to say that your beliefs are the correct ones and that you have magic knowledge that everyone else is wrong. Also I said personal experience and feelings are worthless because it is factually --anyone who claims that feelings determine the truth of reality and can tell you the nature of the universe is full of crap. Anyone who trusts their feelings that much should apply themy to the stock market and make billions. I think people could use some questioning of their beliefs

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    • Ironically you're being a whiny bitch right now. You could just leave or not read the thread or just shut up and ignore. EIther way you're being a supreme hypocrite right now especially since out of spite you're being disrespectful, not that it's a big deal to me, but apparently is to you. completelt irrational and inconsistent. And I'm questioning it and bashing it they're not mutually exclusive herp derp. why the hell are you so upset about religious bashing anyways? Go bash on every political cartoon thats disrespectful to, but you've got a lot of work to do in your quest to purge all minor and unimportant disrespect

    • I barely understood that, but I got the feeling you're butthurt now, so I'm just gonna ignore you. Enjoy yourself.

      And I only care because although I do not care for religion, I don't like the bashful comments revolving around it. At least I, a little 18 year old teenager, can learn to be respectful and just ignore something I see no point in.

      And political cartoons amuse me.

  • Nobody can be sure their religion or non religion is the correct one - I suppose we have to be open minded enough to think one of us is correct or we are all still wrong

  • I have no doubts at all and I am sure 200 %

  • Why does the God helmet work? Why do we have these receptors? What point is of these receptors?

  • Hahaha this has to be a joke right? Tell me you're joking.
    There's no way you can be this stupid!

    • There's no way you're 23!

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    • You dont know my beliefs, don't jump to conclusions like a bitch.
      You also don't know my intelligence quotient and I've not shared my views therefore you can not conclude I am retarded.

      Based in your views I'm guessing you were dropped as a child by a whore and molested most likely...

    • Im not jumping to conclusions whatsoever

      Also molested most likely? You're definitely 100% retarded. I can certainly conclude you're retarded as there's no way you can know this, your arguments have all been moronic, and you're clearly butthurt and upset that you can't make any counterarguments. The fact that you haven't made a single counter argument and simply jumped to ad hominem as well as the other things i listed above clearly indicates that you're 100% retarded. You clearly are unable to make any counter arguments, and can only spew ad hominems as a pathetic defense mechanism. Furthermore you have no idea what my views are; you know what my one view regarding your stupid religious beliefs. THus you're an idiot AND a hypocrite. Its clear that your views are related to what I've written about because you came in here trying to insult me, and failed.