What do you think about this episode of Teen Titans?

  • That's sexist/untrue!
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  • It's a cartoon show. I don't know why some people are upset over it.
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  • I think this was funny and okay. But the whole concept of boys vs. girls is lame. Like who cares we are different genders what does it matter?


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  • I can see 10 year olds getting offended but I don't really care. Also it looks stupid compared to the original teen titans.

  • I loved the teen titans cartoon from like a decade ago. This seems just too childish compared to the old one. Its a cartoon. Little boys think girls have cooties and little girls think boys are muddy and gross. I dont think its a huge deal that a cartoon has boy vs girl stuff.

  • First of all, that is NOT Teen Titans! It is Teen Titans GO!

    Second, yes, it is sexist propaganda against us men and in real life us men are faster and stronger and see more frames per second and have faster reaction time and are smarter and have better special recognition and invent more stuff. Heck we're even better at woman stuff such as cooking and cleaning than women are. Sorry if this sounds sexist to you beautiful ladies but we can't change the facts to be politically correct. I love you all. <3

    • Are you trying to sound retarded? Because you came off as it. You're definitely not rational and that's what a lot of men are credited as being. :D

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    • No, it's not, kid. Especially the "smarter" bit. The studies that have been done have shown no difference in levels of intelligence in wo/men. They have shown that there are more smart men and more stupid men than women in general, but it does not mean that men are smarter.

      As for the "cooking/cleaning", that's biased either from your perspective or something you heard.

      The rest I need to see for myself because based off of your irrationality that I've seen, I don't trust anything you say. ^_^

    • Just watch the Game Theory episode about Dead or Alive. As for cooking and cleaning, most janitors are men, most professional cleaning businesses are owned by men, and they mostly hire men. Most master chefs are men. Intelligence is debatable but you can't deny most useful inventions and scientific breakthroughs were made by us men. I'm sorry that sounds "sexist" to you but it is better that you be realistic and learn your strengths and weaknesses than it is to live in denial just because real facts hurt your feelings. God bless. <3

  • It made me smile more than anything else.

  • What is teen titans?

    • Although it's only a cartoon show it is somewhat sexist

    • It's a show about superheroes. The new one is really dumb---the original is better. Anyway, I'm laughing at the fact that there are a bunch of pussy males bitching at the fact that some girls are jokingly saying "Girls rules" to this and making it a "sexism" issue.

      So pathetic and sad in my opinion.

    • No, it's not... lol.

  • it a stupid show, there is no hidden meaning behind it


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  • I thought it was cute. I honestly worry more about Robin seeing a therapist than the show's gender dynamics. They do a good job of respecting people as individuals and their individual contributions.