Is hitch-hiking any safer now than it was in the '70s or earlier?

Hitch-hiking was once a very popular source of low-budget travel and adventure back before my time. I hear older people reminising on their hitch-hiking adventures with all the places they've gone and all the characters they've met. But when I say I'd like to try hitch-hiking, I was always told it's not safe anymore and there are theives, rapists, serial killers, gang members, etc and never to do it nowadays. As '90s kids who were born in the mid '80s we are told all these things. For those reasons, I've never been hitch-hiking. While I'm sure things like this have happened, are they really still THAT HIGH of a risk? Nowadays the kind of hitch-hiking I see is Craigslist Rideshare, is that any safer than traditional hitch-hiking?



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  • No. If I'm hoofing it for some reason, I'll cut through forest, desert, get me some venison and snake to get to my desired location. When it comes down to it, I'd rather rely on myself than some stranger that picks me up on a dusty road.

    I have picked someone up before when someone else was in the car and the conditions outside were unfavorable.

    One of my friends that's a girl was taking a cab with another friend. She was blacking out from a night on the town. Her friend started to shake her out of it when they were needlessly going away from their desired location. She came to and started freaking out, yelling at the cab driver, threatening to call the police if he didn't get back on route to the optimal roads. It was plain to see he going into a derelict area. It worked out though.


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  • Have you heard about Colleen Stan? I would NEVER EVER hitch hike. You could not pay me

  • No. I actually think it's worse.

    • But why? Sketchy people certainly existed back in those days and the vast majority of road travelers are good people even today.

    • Advanced technology can be used for horrid purposes as well. I wouldn't mind picking up a hitchiker, but I wouldn't trust anyone that drives up to me.

      Back then, I heard that people were nice and friendly. You also didn't have to lock doors... so sad...

  • its not safer.


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  • Looking at it logically there should be the same amount of weirdos in the two eras unless something radically changed in the last 40 years and my second point is with all the modern gadgets it most be harder to get "Lost".
    My sister was a teen in the late 70s and she would often hitchike to places with my family not worried about it. She now has a 20 year old daughter and if my niece turned around and said something about hitchhiking the family would go nuts.

  • generally those "x-treme" sports r gettin safer as years go by since we have more items for "safety" unlike we did in 70s