Why did she DM me without me asking or her asking if she could?

On insta, I was just randomly talking to her through one of her other pics and she randomly sends me a DM saying "so you like my pics babe?". A sometimes I feel like she's just spam but, like, I don't know because I know she works here where I live. So, why did she just DM me like that. I didn't ask her to an she didn't ask if she could. I'm kind of in to her but, I don't know


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  • Because its too much traffic on her public pictures something more private

    • Ah, so, why's she do it without asking first

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    • No, but, it was of her Victoria's Secret stuff she had just bought, it was as if it was nude, basically

    • To be fair, she posted the same picture public though


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  • Your supposed to ask before you DM someone?

    • Generally, yeah, because, to DM someone, means they're including a picture and well sometimes you get a picture you don't exactly want to see, without asking for it. It's jut better to ask to be DM'd, just like it's better to ask to kiss someone, you just never know

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  • Talk to her and keep an eye out till you trust her