What's your most favourite city in the world?

If money were no option, and you could have a life to sustain (i. e. finding work, learning a new language if applicable), then what CITY would you most love to live in or escape to?

I've seen questions about which countries are appealing, but let's narrow it down to cities.

... and go!

A few people loving some Swiss cities. :) That makes my heart warm.


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  • I love the central coastline of California. In particular, there's a State Park called Montana de Oro that I really took to. It's name ("Mountain of Gold") comes from the fact that it's littered with California Golden Poppies.

    I would live there in a heartbeat.



    • My family used to vacation in Morro Bay when I was a kid. That whole Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Santa Ynez section of California is magical. When I was a child and I saw Hearst Castle, I told myself one day I would buy it. I don't think a teacher's salary is gonna make it...

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    • Yes, been to Pacific Grove, too. I've a friend who teaches in Watsonville. When I visit him and his wife, we do the whole Monterey Bay thing from Santa Cruz (Lost Boys!) to Carmel. Then there's the drive along the coast from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, where I also have a friend.

      I tell ya, Pacific Coast Highway is why mankind made convertibles!

    • By the way, I have never sailed from L. A. to San Francisco. I've been the other way, L. A. to Ensenada. I think I'm going to have to remedy that. Thank you, DodgersGM, for inspiring a perfectly good excuse to visit my friends up north.

  • My most favorite city in the world is NOT where I would most want to live.

    My favorite city in the world is London, but I don't want to live there. Now, if I had to relocate, I suppose I would like to go live in the Tokyo-Yokohama metroplex. I would like to learn more Japanese, and teachers are very well treated in Japan, particularly those who are native speakers of English. It obviously would take some getting used to, as Tokyo-Yokohama is very crowded. To put it in perspective, the population of Tokyo-Yokohama is equal to the entire population of my home state, California! Imagine, taking all the people of California and cramming them in to one metroplex!

    However, I'd love to retire to French Polynesia.

  • Seattle, Washington

    I think the city looks beautiful and i dont mind the rain, i quite like it
    its always cool, never hot never too cold

    also @hypno-trip lives there so i would have a buddy lol!

    • Seattle is a shithole, stayed there for a few weeks, trust me on this one.

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    • Some of the neighborhoods aren't too bad. You should check out Magnolia.

    • @springocelot , Sounds nice!
      Yeah, i really want to visit seattle one day!

  • York! I love that city! No for the reasons you state above. I just like the fact that it is such a historical city, it give you the feeling that you live in the Roman Empire!
    Other cities I love are Cologne, Leipzig and Thessaloniki.

  • Maybe Vienna, Austria.

  • either somewhere on the coast of California or in San Francisco Probably a nice house in the mission district or around Dolores park... I just hope the whole city doesn't fall to gentrification and stops changing.

  • Metropolis, Kansas.


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