Signs he likes me or bad sign?

Went on a date with a guy who he was very pedantic about the fact he wanted to pick me up. We had coffee, then took me to see a movie, and we had dinner at his fav and a few drinks afterwards (he ordered my meal for me) and said I should leave my bag in the car and be comfortable. He spoke about what he wants in a relationship, isn't is not looking to fool around. He told me I was very attractive. We are of different cultures and he said he's always wanted to end up with a Caucasian woman. Spoke about that it's great we can connect and get a long well. At one point that sort of alarmed me was that he indirectly spoke about us having a relationship (he's 30, I'm 10 years younger) and that he talked about that if he's going to be in a relationship, he would like the lady to live with him. He then spoke about how in his culture, it's traditional for the man to work and the lady to relax. At one point, he asked me if I felt uncomfortable at all and that I seemed a little tense/defensive?

He also was talking about how we could go to the zoo in the near future and he said 'You would have to wear something a little more casual otherwise you may be uncomfortable'.


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  • he really really really do likes you and from his traditions i can tell that he's from pakistan/india or somewhere from Asia because these traditions are belonged to Asian countries that a man works and The lady does only the housework and rests. That's all.
    i think he likes you , he wants you to be his life partner because a guy rarely talks about future plans.
    don't seem a little tensed, if you also like him then you also show him that you care for his words and feelings :)
    but from his words i think he really sometimes becomes a Mommy lol


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  • I see a lot of red flags


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  • He likes you and i think he wants you to be part of his future.