Should marijuana be legalized in the US nationally?

Why or why not? At what age is it ok to use it? What are your experiences with it?

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I can't believe more males are against it than females... wtf


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  • I've been smoking every day pretty much since I turned 18 and got a job. I love matijunana and believe it should be legalized and treated just like tobacco or alcohol.


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  • I'm not American, but I think it should be legalized worldwide, and that people should receive a good education about it.

  • I think it should be legalized but I'm personally against the recreational use of it. I think that 18 would be a good age. I don't really want anything to do with it but people should be able to smoke it without having to worry about getting in trouble with the law because of it.

  • It should be. In places like Amsterdam where marijuana was legalsied, the addiction rates began to go down, as did the number of people suffering overdose, due to the marijuana becoming more regulated. Besides, the US could then tax and sell marijuana and make a profit from it.

  • However it should be restricted like alcohol and legal forms should be grown milder with less of that chemical that is said to make users have psycological problems like paranoia, anixiety, mood disorders and schitzoprenic style episodes.

    Still have therapeutic standard so it can be used like for relaxation and pain relief etc. Should procautions on the pack of them and recommenation of use or manufacture forms that can be consumed as a infusion or eaten and a recommendation not to smoke with tabacco as it increasing problems with the lungs.

    If it was grown to have therapeutic benefits with a milder form of that chemical (cannot remember that is is called) and it will not increase the risk of paranoia and psychosises then I'd try it.

    It has to be grown with restrictions and standards like a herb.

    • Hell no. Thats kills the recreational purpose of it... unless your saying it should be medically legalized. Those symptoms all are part of the marijuana consumption experience.

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  • The US fought alcohol for a very long time, then finally realized it was a battle it could never win. I don't believe that marijuana is harmless, but if handled like alcohol I think we would all be safer.

    • What are the long-lasting detrimental effects of smoking weed (or dabbing it/vaporizing it?)

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    • I've driven high since I was 18 years old and I'm 33 now. I've NEVER been in a car accident that was injury subjective. I got my bachelors in Pre Law as a functioning pothead until it was time for me to have to stop. I dont get the concern... maybe for youngins that are 17-19 but not 21+

    • And I know guys that are functioning alcoholics who go for many years with no accidents. But it does not change the fact that their reactions are slower. And the first time you are in an accident while high you will learn many of the reasons why what you are doing is less than the intelligent thing to do.

      What do you mean by injury subjective?

      And "until it was time for me to have to stop" means what?

  • I mostly don't want people smoking it because it smells like bad body odor. Plus the THC raises estrogen levels in men and give them boobs.(It's actually true). So that's a negative for men smoking.

  • I have smoked in over 15 years - My expierences were neutral, my bias would be more anti smoking than anti weed.

    • You're an OG of sorts or an experienced gentleman... the weed these kids and even some people of my generation (including me in their 20s-30s) smoke now is WAY more potent than what you used to smoke back in the day. There's also so many more new cleaner ways to smoke without burning things.