Have you ever dug a hole and buried something?

Time to share your dirty little secrets.


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  • Yes, various times, and plenty of things

    Dug a hole as a kid planted a seed it turned into a tree, it was fun watching it grow. I was taller then it and then it became taller than me, sadly my family and I moved from that house when I was a mid teen and the new owners did some shitty landscaping (cut down majority of the trees, they cut down the peach tree and lilac bushes... Who The Fuck cuts down a tree that grows free fruit and bushes with some of the best smelling flowers?). So yeah it probably got cut-down as well.

    And then there's the really sad shit like digging a hole why bawling my eyes out because my dog Teika had gotten hit by a car and died at the vets or the cat Buttercup that was one year younger than me dying at 18 years of age... and all the other animals I had growing up on the farm I dug holes for.

    And then there's the illegal things like um... a different type of trees ;)

    Probably forgot somethings but whatever.


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  • Yes definitely! I've hidden a few items when I was 12 into a small macaron storage box and I wrote "Time Machine" on it. I hid it in the backyard of my house near the tree house and told myself I would open it 5 years later which is on the 4/7/2015. I've opened it last week and oh my I miss my childhood so much!!


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