Why is project management easier to get into than general management?

Project management seems to have a lot of training schemes for new people and assistant positions but general management only seems to be for experienced people. Why?


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  • Project management is a technical area. It is not a management area (you are managing projects). General management is a VERY broad term. You are talking about everybody from the CEO to the lowest level people manager. You need to be more senior since you manage people and there is more competition since no one has a "technical edge".

    • Which does events management fall under?

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    • But events managers tend to manage people during the event acting as duty managers.

    • no they usually dont, there are managers in events management, but not many. they are usually smaller groups.

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  • Because it is not a management position.

    • Then why is it called project management.

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    • Can you recommend any better sources?

    • I meant, what are you looking at? Are you looking for a job?