Any funny short stories to tell :D?

Hey guys :) so I was just wondering if u have any funny situations that happened with u in ur life? I'm just bored and I'm in the mood of laughing, any help here? :D

No one? 😞


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  • One time, in sophomore year... I got drunk and stoned as fuck and had to go back home late at night... The sort of place I live in, getting a taxi after 8pm at night is a nightmare... At about quarter to 12, I found a taxi moving very slowly. I decided that I had to get in that one or I wouldn't have been able to go home that night. So I pulled the door handle and sloppily shambled in the back seat... After a single second, I noticed that the taxi had no driver... It was late at night. I was on my lonesome. And to top it all off, I was the farthest thing from sober. I swear, at that time, I literally jumped out of my skin with fright.
    The next thing I know, some big hairy bastard jerked the door open grabbed my collar, pulled me out and slapped me hard...
    He was the driver, pushing his busted cab to the repair centre...


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  • Me and my girlfriend was dirty talking ages ago and I said 'I'm gonna fu*k you so hard and the next day we was getting it on and after like 7 seconds of slow ass thrusts I climaxed 😂😂😂 🔫🔫🔫


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  • my whole life is a joke.