If people are telling you a guy/girl likes you are they most likely telling the truth?

I've had this happen to me but the thing is the guy doesn't exactly act like he likes me. The thing is why would a bunch of people tell me without me asking? I will just bring him up and someone will say "that is because he likes you". Are they playing or could they be right?


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  • If other people are seeing it then it is possibly true that he likes you.

    • One of them said that he even told him that he likes me but I don't know what to believe.

What Girls Said 1

  • It depends. I teased a guy about a girl liking him in high school and he dumped his girlfriend so...

    In your scenario, it seems like they´re teasing you as well or completely ignorant. I know there are a few guys who do the Helga Pataki method of pretending to dislike someone when they truly have affection for that person, but I do not think most men are that immature.