Is that his way of breaking it off with me?

got into an argument with a guy im talking to.. i said things i shouldn't have. so i talked to him few days ago asking how he was, and that i miss him. but he didn't reply, he ignored my message. its kind of long distance, we talk on Skype. is there a chance he'll answer?


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  • breaking with some1 on internet whom you only met on internet, is UNUSUAL!!! He may be just mad at you for what you said and may come around after sometime when he realised that he actually misses talking to you more than he thought OR he might just think that it's better to move on... one situation will precede over other depending upon the type of relationship you shared or how intense it was...

  • There's always a chance he'll answer give him space guys need their space too just like women do give him a week or two then message him again if he doesn;t reply let him go and move on with your life :) best wishes


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