What does it mean to be Innocent?

I have been told by my friends multiple times that I am "Innocent." What does that mean, and is it a good thing?


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  • It means you don't know a lot about the opposite gender or about "the real world" it's ok to be innocent but it's not ok to be way to innocent. I had a girl in my high school the same way and we had to tell her just how innocent she was. It's not uncommon just try to get out more and you can raise your "non-innocence"!!

    • But if it is a good thing then why should I try to not be it?

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    • Its alright, and its mostely my fault for being an idiot and getting confused over the amazing answers you have given me.

    • Haha it's not your fault!! Bur I'm glad I could help at the end!!


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  • Probably means you don't get in trouble often, parents probably like you, and you don't get a lot of girls... but I could be wrong

    • I rarley get in trouble, my parents hate me for some reason, and I have never had a girlfriend before. So you were mostly right...

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    • Maybe, but thyy always seem to be angry at me about everythigg. Whenever something goes wrong, they blame me. When ny sister gets bad grades such as C's or D's, my parents ask her to try harder next time. I get a B and I get yelled at for abou an hour... I told my parents about my depression problem and they told me shut up, and then used it against me to blame me about something. When I told them I was kind of interested in a girl at school, they laughed and told me to give up because she wouldn't lime anything about me...

    • Jesus what happened to my typing!

  • it's a good thing


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