80s music poll: Favorite album by UB40 (part I period 1980-1983)?

Perhaps da only known British band dat would b considered “reggae”. And generally one of da most popular bands among this genre. They had many known hits during da 80s, mostly known for their song “Red Red Wine”.

Labor Of Love would b my fav album and xept “Red Red Wine”,”She Caught The Train” was another gr8 song as well. Their debut album was nice as well!

  • Signing Off
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  • Present Arms
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  • UB44
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  • Labor Of Love
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  • Red, red wine, goes to my head,
    makes me forget that I
    still need you so

    Red, red wine, it's up to you
    All I can do, I've done
    But memories won't go
    No, memories won't go

    i love red red wine of ub40 it brings memories😄


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