Could the block of cheese be the culprit?

i never catch a cold in the summer even though i always have my ac on full blast (not cold but still dry air) and i had my ac off when i fell asleep last night after eating pasta and parmesean cheese i grated off this large block i bought and opened 7 months ago and keep chilled. didn't consume any other foods that day but had been slightly dehydrated. i did google it to see if it was ok to eat parmesean cheese that old. people said it was ok. but i am suspicious now.

i eat cheese often and am not lactose intolerant.

could the cheese be the cause of my scratchy sore throat?


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  • I think the sore throat has more to do with the AC being on full blast. the dry air can definitely irritate your sinuses which can cause throat soreness.

    even if the cheese had gone bad it shouldn't give you a sore throat as much as it would inflame or irritate your digestive track

    • like i said in the question the ac was off
      and i often keep it on when i'm at home including when i'm sleeping and i've never had this happen

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    • different allergies present differently. for me the first thing that happens from mold and certain things is throat irritation. from dust, or pollen the first thing that happens is nasal drippage.

      certainly mold in cheese can have something of an allergic reaction and the older cheese is (or even the better quality) often means the more mold culture in the cheese

    • thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. i'll make sure to be more careful with cheese and food handling in general.


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  • It sounds more like an allergy rather than common cold. You also need to consider how strong is your immunity to common ailments and infections. As of now there is no relation between parmesean cheese and common cold. Switching off the AC is the likeliest cause considering you are used to the AC while sleeping. Also there is a chance that the air in your room must have turned stale overnight since you mentioned you use the AC for blowing out dry air rather than cold air.

  • I think it is dehydration.

    • i get dehydrated now and then and it wasn't severe but this sore throat is persisting (24 hours have passed) and i don't have any other symptoms

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    • Don't die from cheese, that's worse than choking on a pretzel

    • i'll try to survive :(

  • No it's because you slept with the ac off. The same thing happens to me when I sleep without my fan on because the room gets stuff from dry air and my body isn't use to the different conditions while sleeping

    • i've heard from many that leaving the ac on would cause respiratory issues and that's how people catch colds in the summer

  • No, I don't think so.

  • Cheese before bed is usually not a good idea. It does get into your throat. If I have cheese before I fall asleep I usually wake up choking in the middle of the night. I don't think it would cause a cold though.

    • i don't know if i have a cold as i don't have any other symptoms

    • Well cheese definitely doesn't do your throat any good, so it could very well be that.

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  • I doubt it. It's probably something you caught just by being out or leaving the ac on too high. Take an antihistamine and try gargling with salt water. Feel better soon!

    • i didn't have the ac on and i was feeling fine and not in close contact with people

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    • like i said in my q i always have my ac on (but didn't have it on when this happened) and it's relatively new (purchased last year) so not dirty.

      i have ocd and i know all about those things. i am very careful not to touch doorknobs, shopping carts, handles, etc.
      i hadn't ridden public transportation in days prior

    • Ohhhh okay sorry for any assumptions.

      Hmm! I don't really think it's an allergic reaction to the cheese since that type of reaction usually settles down pretty quickly after you stop eating the food. Like I said though you can try taking an antihistamine to rule it out.

      After that it's hard to say where you could have picked your sore throat up from :c