What would you do if scientists or you found out that this 'reality' isn't the 'real' reality? A simulated reality. And why?

To me even thouh it is proven this isn't the real thing to me it would be real because it's what I've experianced upon till now. For example.. Home what is home? To me it's my mothers house because that's where I grew up the 1st thing I called home was my mothers home.. Like kepler 22b ( a planet like Earth) I'd be amazing to visit but I'm never leaving Earth even if it was going to die tomorrow.. I'm dying in the grounds of Earth Regardless.

What about you?


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  • then i'd ask 'em wot real reality is?
    but still i'd not give a shit if this "reality" was real or not... never xperienced another reality after all


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  • I would not be surprised at all.


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