Arab peeps: Is this legible?

I have no scanner so I had to do it in paint and I'm trying so hard to learn how to write in your squiggly line language but I'm about ready to just throw my pen in the sky and go grab icecream but get back in time to catch the pen and then write down "I have ice cream so fuck this shit" and listen to some ill beats and pretend I'm Eminem but then I wake up and I've fallen asleep during another one of my relatives funerals and the ghost of my Uncle is mad vexed and is like "bro I'm dead why didn't you show me respect" and then I realize I'm in the wrong place and it's not even my uncle so he can go fuck himself.

Arab peeps: Is this legible?

Is this legible? Where did I go wrong if it isn't (besides when I used paint).

Someone please show me how to write "Go die" so I can carve it into my wrists ugh why did you guys have to invent this typography


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  • Good to know that you are from hell lol, your writing isn't that clear but I guessed the meaning

    you are writing من (from) as سن ( tooth)
    And you are writing جحيم (hell) as جحيح ( meaningless word)

    أنا is the best one but don't write the 'hamza' ( this sign ء ) like a Z.

    • Fml! I guess I have to work harder.

      BQ: Would it make more sense to write it as 'Ana men al-joahim" rather than 'Ana men joahim'? or are both fine?

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    • I also figured it were Al-Jaheem (Al-Canadi).

    • If you want to say 'I'm Canadian' you say 'Ana Canadi' ( or Kanadi for pronunciation's sake).

      'kanadi' or 'كندي' means Canadian ( singular male version only)

      If you want to say 'I'm from Canada' you say 'Ana men Canada'


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  • Are you actually being serious about this?

  • I understand that the first two words. But what's the last one supposed to be? أنا من

    • جحيم

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    • Yeah, I nearly acted like something from hell would during the process. Cheers for taking the time to answer!

    • أنا من الجحيم

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  • U r from hell? I don't u derating ur question

    • So it's legible, then? Thank God; I'm writing it on my skateboard because I get my ankles smacked by the board all the time, so I joke that it's possessed by something from hell.

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    • I swear to god Arab people are the most hospitable people. I'm learning Arabic because I've always wanted to be bilingual, and all the rich history in Arab countries + the women + how old of a language is almost gives the language a mystical feeling to it. It's just a beautiful language to me (though the rolling r's and the throat vowel sounds are really hard.. trying to say Sabah Al Khair makes me look like a dog trying to eat peanut butter).

      I may take you up on that offer when I get a little better, thank you a lot!

    • Well that's great I wish u best of luck and I'd be happy to help 😃

  • Sorry but what are you trying to write? I didn't quite understand!

    • I tried to write Ana men joahim but I failed miserably.

    • Oh no, now I can see it, I read the men as a seen. أنا من الجحيم
      Yeah, the meem just needed to be connected.