What do you think of this song?

It's extremely popular right now. It's supposed to be a bit low-class and to be a bit funny, but I like the beat. The song is basically about sex, booze and drugs by the way.


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  • You can easily tell by the beat that it's about drugs, I mean, this is perfect to pop some molly, roll some blunts and sniff some cocaine xD
    The song is catchy, I just can't understand the lyrics, just a few words. The video is weird, just like the song, though xD

    by the way, the guy's name is jack CHIRQ? Hahahha it reminded me of Chicago xD

    • They say in the choir:
      Als je bitch wil chillen is 't geen probleem, dan ga ik erheen/Ik kom niet alleen want ik heb drank en drugs
      if your bitch wants to chill, then that's no problem, I will be going. I'm not coming alone, because I've got booze and drugs.
      Kinda random. I lol'd at the video though.

    • Yeah, the lyrics aren't much, but the video was pretty funny xD


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  • I really appreciate how its not a high budget professional ass music video. *thumbsup*

  • If though it is dutch the video gets the message across very random

    • It's probably quite understandable even though it's in Dutch I think.

    • Sorry typo should have said
      "EVEN though it is dutch the video gets the message across, very random"

  • I will have to listen to the song without the video. That's like cheese to the next degree ha ha. That's like cheese factory. Is a funky beat though. Ever hear of "die Antwoord"?

    • Yeah I've heard of them. Every heard of 'De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig'?

  • stars off weird then just gets more weird then annoying like it hurts a little its so annoying whats with the humping? everything! reminds me of 90's music a bit

    • The whole song is basically about having sex while drinking booze and take drugs. That's why they hump.

    • when i posted this i only watched the first part of the vid but after he stuck his finger in the cars butt i kind of figured it out and they look like they are on drugs now this video makes a lot more sense what do you think of this video being from the country does it make u wanna dance? or stick your finger in something haha

  • 22 may hm...
    Well, I don't really like dutch rap for some reason

    But yes I like the beat

  • i only had to watch a few seconds to know i would hate it, and i was right. how can something like that be popular?

    • That's not a very positive posture to start with... It's popular because it's quite catchy and a good party song. Also a lot of people just like to hear about booze and drugs. Especially drugs. I don't know why.

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    • well miley cyrus actually has some good songs although i'm not a fan @blondfrog i don't think even advertising could make a bad song popular but apparently this one is. besides the video looks very low budget so i doubt they even have that much money to spend on advertising

    • Everyone has different tastes in music though

  • Same old same old shit


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  • If you don't watch the video the beat and songs is okay. To me the video is terrible. Too sexual and just looks tacky. I'm live in the U. S so I don't understand the culture behind this song.