At what age do you get concerned?

At what age do you get concerned that a child isn't definitively walking on their own?


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  • I'd say anywhere from 16-24 months old. I didn't start walking until I was almost 24 months (2 yrs) old, while my twin brother was already walking for 6 months at that point. I turned out fine though.

    Seeing a pediatrician would be a good idea for this kid, just to examine for any possible mental or physical handicaps that are delaying gross motor skill development. Most healthy kids hit the milestones around the same age - standing with assistance around a year old, and the first steps follow soon after.


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  • This link will give you the time line for walking and what to look for. @lyndsielee666 is correct. 15 to 17 month is the latest. But the average is 11 to 14 months.

    • So if a child is 16 months and is only walking if you hold her hands and walk behind her... is that concerning?

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    • She's my boyfriend's niece. The pediatrician was consulted and said that bigger children (99th percentile) take longer?

    • girls and larger babies take longer. But as you approach any extreme, you need to watch. So many things that might be wrong, can be corrected if diagnosed early. Hopefully they have a good pediatrician. But a few months won't matter, just keep an eye on her. Im sure the pediatrician is evaluating her. But there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on her.

  • My feeling says at 2 years old... most kids I know started walking before 1.5 years.
    I'd say: have it checked out... better to be careful :-)


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  • After 17 months... I'd be crazily worried if he/she doesn't start walk on their own...

  • I read it was 15 months.
    my daughter was walking at nine months.-.

  • 2 years is when I get concerned