How do I get my best friend back?

I never lost a friend that I want back...
except this one.
In April, my best friend texted me one morning saying we couldn't be friends anymore because she was friends with one of my friends. Her mom made her cut off the friendships with me and my friends she was friends with too. I deleted her off of everything but I've been missing her a lot lately and it's almost hockey season again which means we'll be running into eachother a lot. I just really want her back. Can you help and give me ideas on how to go about getting my best friend back? Thank you :(


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  • Why did her mum stop you from being friends?

    • Her mom is so controlling I don't know. She wanted a boyfriend so she started talking to my friend and her mom wouldn't allow it and thought I was trouble cause o introduced them

    • Well, that's stupid. If she's living at home it's probably a good idea if she moved out, if her mum's that controlling.


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  • Why did her mom wanted her daughter to cut the friendship with you? 😐


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  • What?
    The only reason why she ended the relationship was because her mom told her to?