Can you really report someone for sneezing on you (even if it was a joke)?

Recently I was playing a joke on pretending to be sick and sneezing (along with water). Then pretend to sound bad and say something ''Oh sorry, got a bad cold you know''.

Usually it's my guy friend that sometimes do these jokes but I decided to do it this time. There was a guy in his 30's that nearly wanted to report this and kept cursing (took me a couple times to say it was a joke and that it was just water). Was that an overreaction?


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  • "911 what's your emergency?"

    "this kid sneezed on me!!!"


    • yeah then he'll get laughed. Honestly, I don't think I deserve getting called bad words. I can't believe some people can't even take a joke.

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    • if a guy came up to me and acted like he sneezed on me i'd kick his ass

      doing pranks to people like this shows no respect... you show no respect i'd kick your ass until you do

      i could't hit a little girl that came up to me and did it but shit i would be angry

    • Anon I agree. I think she got it off so easy with only being yelled at. If that was me, I would probably been punched immediately. I've seen male prankers that got even kicked by 2 guys for pulling those types of jokes.


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  • In my country if someone reported someone for sneezing on them the person that reported them may get a fine for "wasting police time". You can be fined in my country for wasting police time.

  • Is it just me that notices that if a male prankster did that or some other disrespectful joke, he wouldn't be just getting yelled at nor even reported but get punched?

    Have seen a guy pulling up stupid jokes and he got kicked a couple times by two angry guys who didn't appreciate it at all.

  • It depends on where you sneezed on him. If it was anywhere near the face, then I'd feel just as upset. If it's just on the arm or the leg, then it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal.

    • Sucks that if it was me pulling that same prank, there is a chance I would get punched right away. I've seen a couple male prankster that have even gotten kicked a couple times by two angry guys. How lucky of her, to get it off easier by just getting yelled at.

    • Some people don't have a sense of humor. Although, I can understand not wanting to get sick.

  • Yes you can report them to the sneezing police.


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  • he can and should. bad joke. you dont sneeze on people. i know you didn't REALLY sneeze but you did a good job at pretending you did. if you really sneezed on someone that could prob be considered a biohazard. if you sneezed on me i would probably slap you into next week

  • you can report them but the police won't do anything about it. that guy is overreacting.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I didn't deserve to be called bad names. Sad that some people can't take a joke.

    • ik. i love pranks like that. I don't know if you watch youtube but on prank vs prank, they do the same thing with a spray bottle and some water. reactions are hilarious.