Anyone has experience (or knows someone who has experience) on being a model for stock photos?

I think I might have the chance to do a shooting for stock photos. They are looking for people of all shapes and ages and colors, so I applied. They replied today and asked me for a photo in which I'm looking into the camera.

What do you think? Should I try it? Anyone has had some experience with this kind of thing and can tell me about the pros and cons?


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  • I used to be a model. When it comes to modeling for stock photos, the pay is not good, keep that in mind. They're shooting in the hopes that they can sell the image, but they also can't go broke paying people large sums of money hoping their idea sells. Another heads up, bad photos will hurt you, I repeat will HURT YOU. It takes time to work up a good portfolio.


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  • i think you need to understand what they are better as i dont get the question and i model for all sorts of things all the time.

    • Just google stock photos. They're photos of random people doing different stuff with different expressions. Companies would then biy these photos to put on their flyers, etc

    • I know what it is, afterall I am a veteran model with experience in this... however the question you asked was very vague. Do you get paid for the shoot or the shots? Ie who gets image rights? its usually not productive unless you have a very well known photographer with a totally new concept who knows his stock as there are billions of stock images out there already which usually fit the bill. Because of this you will find it more beneficial being paid for the shoot and not the shots as for what you would get in payment per shot its pennies.

  • I haven't done it but if they asked you to do it, why not do it? I don't see the cons in this.:D

  • Yeah sure sounds fun