How often do you just stop and realize this certain someone in your life is a diamond in disguise?

or a blessing. Not just a lover, can be friends, cousins, papa, uncle, etc.


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  • There is a lady in my life who is a diamond in a velvet lined platinum case. I realised only today just how incredibly important this lady is to me.

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    • I scared the living daylight out of her, that's for sure! She might read this, too. She is about here somewhere!

    • Haha :p

  • diamonds are incredibly common, and are expensive due to market control. So i dont see the right person as a diamiond.

    • The meaning when being called a diamond is precious to me

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    • haha i know i was being a butthead. Diamonds end up be pawned off.

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  • My mom. She's a real fighter in this life, going through all those suffers when she was young. She's remarkably pretty and smart. She could choose to fly off to London for her Linguistic Scholarship, leaving me and my sister and my dad here, but she chose us over her study. She could get promotion at her work, but she chose me and my sister over her works. She always puts us first in everything. She sacrifices everything for those she loves. She can shine bright if she pursue her career, I know she's gonna be a great woman. But she chose to hide that shines, so yeah, she's my diamond in disguise.

  • once they're gone, unfortunately