Is it a sin to want to be single and never get involved in a romantic relationship in your life?

If I never ending up having a girlfriend and if I can continue not dating any woman for the rest of my life, would I go to hell? I never had a girlfriend and I never been on a date.


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  • Nope

    If anything, I'd say you're lucky

    • Because being in love makes a man miserable.

      Well to be more specific. Love itself isn't what makes a guy miserable, it's the overall effect on the relationship.

      It effects every other aspect, and those are what make it fucking suck


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  • No! Of course you won't go to hell over that!!! I'm Christian and even i know that. How in the world did you come up with that way of thinking?

    • Cause I think I heard someone say that GOD wants everyone to get married. That it is mandatory.

    • Lol nooooo they couldn't be more wrong. The only time marriage is mandatory to God , is when two peope feel the need to have sex out of wedlock. He doesn't want us having sex with any and everyone.
      If you choose not to get married, that's absolutely fine by Him. If u truly desire a wife, God will send a special one just for u your way when you're ready. Don't give up hope and for now, just stay focused on u til God gives her to u.

  • Um no not really o_o

  • How is that a sin?


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