Don't you think it is awesome that it is official now that there are more hispanics than any other ethnicity in California?

The latest U. S. Census shows that there are more hispanics now than people of other ethnicites in California. Before there was a little more white (non hispanics) but things changed recently. I bet bigots are pissed.


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  • Yay? I mean, I don't really give a crap. I realize race is used in statistics and stuff like that but I really don't see race as a huge deal when I think about populations. When someone says there's a ton of black people in a city it means as much to me as if they said there are a ton of people with freckles there.

    If you see it as a victory or something to celebrate though, I'm really happy for you. :)

    • I agree with you, race doesn't matter to me either, it is just that it matters to many bigots though. No offense but many white people aren't like you. I here more white people than other ethnicities complain like babies when they are in areas that are full of minorities. I don't give a damn though. I don't get all phobic when going to places where there are a bunch of people of other ethnicites. I just said this is awesome because it is my ethnicity.

    • You know I am right, right?

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  • Y do u think that's awesome? Does it really matter? If u want to b somewhere there r more Hispanics, go to Peru or Mexico. Race should stop being such a big deal to people, seriously.

    • Cause I am Latino and why would I go there when I am here in Cali? You are an idiot. I like it here in Cali cause there are so many people of ALL ethnicities. I am just saying I think it is awesome that there are MORE hispanics now than other ethnicities in Cali. I like it here in United States.

    • Ok :)

  • It isn't "awesome". It just is. Who cares. Race shouldn't be a big deal. I wouldn't care even if there was more Asian or black people in Cali.

    • I don't care either but many bigots do care and now that there is more hispanics the bigots would feel like taking a dump in their pants.

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    • I do understand but I do not care. You don't seem to understand what was the point of my comments but whatever.

    • I do understand the points of your post. I just want you to understand me

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