Help on how to vape (I think at least)?

I just bought a subox mini and a small thing of monster an got it set up in the shop. Now I'm using it and can't seem to get the hang of it. I'm told be careful with it, as I haven't used on in almost a yr an honestly forgot what the hell I'm doing. So anyway, I have it and pull in. Hold, or attempt to cause it comes out my nose, and start getting it in my lungs. However, when I try blowing out, issues arise. One being I usually cough then. Also, I always end up swallowing some type of liquid that tastes like the monster and I don't know if that's normal. I have it set to 20w an am fine getting it down, it blowing it out that causes issues. Like if I use my throat to like I normally did smoking. I usually get it out my nose without a problem, but out my mouth is. So does anyone know how to use this thing or what?


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  • it sounds like you are using it right.


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  • Vapor is different than smoke, because it is so light you need to slowly inhale and slowly exhale, exactly like breathing normally.

  • You realise how everyone is reading that title initially, yes?