The world is unfair therefore we should do nothing to make it less unfair. Agree or disagree?

I hear and see people saying that the world is unfair. But does that mean people should not try to make it somehow less unfair?

where do you stand on this issue?

  • I agree, we are powerless to make things less unfair in the world therefore we should do nothing
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  • I disagree, just because the world is unfair doesn't mean people shouldn't try to make it less so
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  • I have a different opinion...
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  • I think the world is unfair, by let's say me being a person who's trying to make a difference, i'd actually have to have the resources to do that. Presuming I do, I'd have to work 24/7 for it - presuming I would - someone could kill me or rob me and then everything would have to go back to before - when I wasn't helping.

    People are good until the world makes them rotten.

    For one good doer there are thousands of bad doers... It's always worth it, but are we winning the battle? Hardly.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Give me good people and I will give you a good nation.

  • "fair" is usually a code word for government taking over and brining everyone down to the lowest level


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  • Our mission, as a species and as individuals, is to make a better life for ourselves and others. That's what God wants us to do; follow Him and change other's lives for the better. Even if you don't believe in God you have this mission. You cannot just give up hope for life because that would take away the point of living. Let us all work to make this world better, even if just slightly, so that others may have the same chance.

  • We are humans, we are able to change. Even if reality kicks us in the ass. We humans are a very adaptable species. Yet we are also fragile.