Maybe our world is like 1984?

The book "1984" by George Orwell. Isn't our world kind of like that? Anybody agree?


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  • Well, it's sort of the point, I think.

    I'm a huge dystopian fiction fan. What dystopian fiction typically does it take elements of the current society to the extreme in a future society. Dystopian fiction is about exploring these topics, particularly ones that cause people unease or fear. The elements that are explored tend to have to do with politics, economy, social norms, technology, religion, class issues, violence, nature, etc.

    I would say that you could read pretty much any work of dystopian fiction and get a feeling that our world is "kind of like that", because the themes addressed in dystopian fiction are concerns that we have about the direction our own society is headed in.

    I think the older a work of dystopian fiction is, the more interesting it becomes, because it allows us a glimpse into the fears that people had in the past about the future, and compare it to the reality of that future (our present). 1984, for example, was written in 1949 (66 years ago).

    And yeah, certainly we can find elements in our society of things like "big brother", "newspeak", "double think", "perpetual war", and so on. They probably exist to a greater degree than they did in 1949, but still to a lesser degree than depicted in 1984. Although, I'd argue that in 1984, a lot of the these things existed in a more transparent way than they do in our own society, which I'd argue makes their existence in our own society even more insidious. For example, in 1984, the people knew that Big Brother was watching them and were constantly reminded of that fact. Whereas in our society, people didn't know about the NSA's activities until documents were leaked, and even then, I doubt we really know and understand the extent of it.


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  • It sure is!! In the UK we have a government hell bent on increasing the surveillance of its citizens. We have ever increasing cctv cameras, monitoring where mobile phones are. Mass surveillance by corporations, even to the extent of building up profiles from loyalty cards. We will no doubt have mass surveillance of our internet activity, including emails and internet phone calls. We have mass surveillance of where cars are by number plate recognition.

    It will become so bad that to go from A to B without being monitored will be impossible.

    @ChocEyes is quite correct, a mix of 1984 and Animal Farm

  • It's a mix between "1984" and "Animal Farm".

  • Yeah they also say world war 1 was international civil war 2


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