Do you think owning a gun should be a privilege or a right?

i am all for people owning guns as long as they are mentally fit individuals with no mental problems and have no felonies and dont live with anyone that is a felon or deemed a danger to themselves or others and as long as a person isn't deemed a danger to themselves or others i do believe they should be able to own a gun i mean the fact that so many people believe owning a gun is a right and everyone in america is entitled to a gun is very scary to me i mean america has the 12th most gun deaths out of any country and the most gun deaths out of any first world country in the world, i mean what if driving was a right and not a privilliage we would would like 8 year old driving and blind people driving and we would have people who would have seizures driving that would be an extremley thought and we would have a hell of a lot more car crashes and deaths. and dont give me that crap that our 2nd amendment gives us that right because our 2nd amendment is meant for militia purposes and at the time the 2nd amendment was written there was no active militiary and now we have the best military in the world. and dont give me that crap that you can't change the constitution because it has been changed because we got rid of slavery and we got rid prohibiton so dont give me that crap that you can't change the consitituiton. so what is you're opinion should owning a gun be a privilalege or a right


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  • Well, I am European, so my opinion on this will be very different from most Americans' opinions. Personally, I think owning a gun should be neither a right, nor a privilege. It should simply be forbidden. Americans will probably say that's an unbearable infringement of personal freedom but I say it's an unbearable infringement on everyone's freedom if they constantly have to be scared that some idiot will kill you. People can have different opinions on this but the facts speak for themselves. The stricter a country's gun laws are, the less dangerous it is. In Japan, fire arms are completely illegal for private citizens and Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In my country Switzerland, we have extremely strict gun laws (contrary to what many right-wing Americans believe) and we too, have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. We've never had one single school shooting in Switzerland. In the US, it's already a surprise if there's one month without a school shooting. In Americans die due to the use of firearms (on American soil!) than in Iraq. In other words: there's a civil war going on in the heart of America and people don't even realize it.
    Now, many gun-loving Americans will say that if you don't have a gun, you will just use something different to kill another person. However, numerous researches on this topic have proven that this is not true. Roughly 90% of murders (AND suicides!) happen in the heat of the moment. The reason for this is that most murders happen due to very "low" reasons, such as jealousy. A guy is pissed that his girlfriend had sex with another guy, gets his shotgun and kills her. Such an easy satisfaction of your desire to take revenge is simply not possible with other tools. If he would try to stab her with a kitchen knife, he has to first catch her, pin her down, stab several times... this takes much more time than pulling a trigger and it's more than enough time to come back to your senses and realize "what the fuck am I doing here?".
    Finally, many gun-loving Americans will also claim that you need a gun to defend yourself against criminals. This is of course a circular argument. You can't stop violence with violence. The way to cut down on crimes rates is to improve life quality of all citizens. Make a society more equal. Give everyone a perspective. Don't discriminate minorities. Unfortunately, you're a called a dirty commie for suggesting this in the US, so they rather hand out guns to people.

    • You do realize that gun control has no effect on criminals right? Violent crime and homicides rates have nothing to do with the availability of firearms.. poverty, lack of mental care health care (as well as a universal health care program in general) and the drug war are to blame for the high homicide rate in the United States. In Switzerland the homicide rate is lower than both the UK and Ireland, even though they have the laxest gun laws in all of Europe and have the most guns per capita in all of Europe. While Russia has very strict gun control and all handguns are banned for civilians, yet their homicide rate is MUCH higher than the United States despite strict gun control! Your idea of no guns = beautiful utopia is a fantasy.

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    • that war could break out any minute (which was of course total rubbish anyways because NOBODY is allowed to possess any munition, so the soldiers would first have had to go to the next military armory to get their munition). Nowadays, we are allowed to deposit our assault rifles directly at the military armory and most guys do that because we don't feel comfortable having a gun at home. Their is even a policy pending to obligate men to deposit their rifles at the armory and a majority is in favor of this. This leads me directly to my next point: while we do have a high per capita rate of guns in terms of numbers, our mentality can absolutely NOT be compared with American mentality. I don't know any Swiss guy who would even want to have a gun arsenal in his basement. We don't think shooting at stuff is a "sport" or even a "hobby". We're peaceful people and don't like guns. We simply have it because of the army service. The only people who are not soldiers and still have a gun are people

    • who have it because of their job (game wardens etc.) and who have passed a test and got a special permit. If you ever come to Switzerland, you will see that guns are completely absent in our daily life. You'd be very hard pressed to find a firearm shop (I've never seen one), let alone having guns in normal supermarkets as is the case in the US (wall mart etc.). I don't have a single family member and only one friend who has their army rifle at home. My dad threw his in the garbage when I was a kid because he hated the idea of owning a gun and my friend who has his one at home told me he's never taken it out in the 6 years since he completed his service. You are right that things such as a fair economy and social equality, education, health care etc. are important factors in a country's crime rate. However, gun availability is too. As I said before: 90% of murders happen in the heat of the moment. If you have a gun at hand to still your anger, you will do it, if you don't, you don't.

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  • Criminals will always find a way to commit harm, a gun is just the tool that they are using. In my native England, stabbings are at an all time high, not because of knives, but because of criminals. The problem is that the criminals use the black market that can't be monitored through the current laws. There is no law that can be passed that will decrease this. Plus here in America we value our 2nd Amendment right to own and use a firearm if necessary to protect ourselves, our families and our property.


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  • a right? no, certainly not.

  • I look at it like this. If you have a right you have the right to all necessary and reasonable means to exercise that right. It makes no sense to have a right to free speech if you can only exercise it when no one can hear you.

    I don't think you have a right to a gun, that's silly, rights don't apply to technologies, it's like having a right to a can opener.

    But you do have a right to self defense and so you have a right to all reasonable means to self defense even if those means cause others discomfort or a certain degree of danger. Self defense is like any other right in that respect. So until we invent something which can do what a gun does for self defense and is less dangerous I think we must have free access to guns. They aren't a right in themselves, they are the necessary and reasonable means to exercise the right of self defense.