What's good motivation to get through a shitty 12 month job to pay off my student loan?

I work 96 hours a week 3 away from home with only one week off. I need to do this for 12 months to pay off my 26k student loan I've already paid 10k in the last 8 months. It's cooking and cleaning at remote camps. I'm half way through an associates to get an apprenticeship but I can't see myself taking on more debt while attending school (debt was from culinary school when I was 18). It's hard work but I need a way to keep my eye on the prize.


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  • Holy cow that's AWESOME. What a great way to get it over and done with!

    Can you make like a little pyramid or thermometer that you can fill in with every payment? Then you can have tangible progress! Is there a reward you can factor in for yourself at the end? Like a new console or computer?

    Seriously though I really respect your decision and hope it continues to work out well for you!


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  • Try to think positive. When you've finished you'll have paid off your loan, you can meet/make friends there , etc

  • you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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  • Imagine what your workmates look like naked every day and give them all special names. My bosses wife has sagged considerably since I started working there and her name is Fish Sticks.

    I also allocate 3, 5 minute breaks either to the toilet or stretching my legs. Sometimes I do a little dance when no one is looking and especially when it's raining. I have 3 cups of coffee/tea and I vary them, black, with milk, with sugar - I imagine that they're full of whiskey constantly.

    I also wear odd socks some days - no one has yet noticed and sometimes I like to lick her mouse and keyboard after I've cleaned it knowing that she's going to be touching it all day long.

    Occasionally when I'm really feeling the boredom I pretend that I'm a Hell's angel sitting on a Harley instead of a chair and that people who fuck with me get wasted with my two by four - I picture it in my head.

    I imagine what it'd be like if I were a crazy person with only a carrot to attack people with, like in that movie.

    Sometimes I'll call a completely random number and then put on a texas voice and pretend that I've called the wrong number, just before I've hung up I'll shout something like "Sally put that knife down, If a told ya once, that horse is already dead... damn fool".

  • Dude you have a sweet deal here, student loans are a bitch and they can really drag you down financially so if you have the opportunity to pay those loans off in a year then you would be beyond stupid to not do what it takes. For that amount of debt, you'd be paying 300 bucks a month for like ten years. Add in rent, insurance, cell phone, utilities, car maintenance and any unexpected bills and it gets very expensive, which can be problematic if you cannot find or hold onto a good paying job. If you want to know why you should keep on going, just imagine all the things you could treat yourself to do if you had an extra 3600 dollars a year to spend on whatever you wanted with no guilt.

  • So you're telling me you work 19 hours a day?

    You need to see your doctor before you attempt this for a full year. That would probably end up killing you or causing health complications.

    • 14 hours a day x 7 days so 98 hours a week

    • Fuck that shit. Get your degree get a good job pay it off over the years.

    • Or one year of this and I'm clear