What do u think of the new sucide squad trailer 😃?

That's the trailer the movie IS FUCKING AWESOMEEEEEEEE, what do u think


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  • Dude Jared Leto is gonna kill it as the Joker. I love the darkness and the morbid humor but I still need to see more before I'm sold on it. Will Smith feels really out of place in my opinion.

    DC recently announced the DCEU which is the DC expanded universe so they're films are gonna have a shared universe from now on like Marvel has been doing.

    They have Batman v. Superman in the works and Suicide Squad for 2016
    2 Justice League movies planned
    Aquaman movie
    Wonder Woman
    Green Lantern Corps (Jon Stewart as the main Green Lantern)
    Man if the rest of the movies and the universe has the same feeling and darkness as Batman v Superman? They are gonna kill it in that case. I really hope they do because I'm a hardcore DC fan.

    • Also people have to keep in mind that it is a LEAKED trailer so it isn't a complete trailer that they originally wanted to release in the future.

      Thanks for MH!

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    • Only 4 weeks of filming so far in the movie so if the trailer falls flat it's because it's far from being complete.

      Thanks you too man.

    • You're welcome Bro but really RESPECT

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  • I'm excited for it. I think Jared Leto would make a great Joker. Not as good as Ledger and Nicholson though.

  • I usually really hate DC, but that portrayal of Harley might convince me to watch this.

  • Not my thing. :/

  • I think The Joker is as sexy as Heath Ledger's joker and I like it. Lmao.

    • Jared isn't the best but he fits the role but still heath ledger is a better joker

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    • Like I said, it's obvious they want a more vibrant out of control character. Tattoos, bright hair, silver grill, flashy car (pretty sure he has a purple Lambo in Suicide Squad). They don't want dark and brooding.

    • Yeah sadly but STILL AWESOMEEEEEEEE

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