What is your favourite One Piece arc?

The ones in the poll are my personal favourites so bear with me :P

  • Impel Down / Marineford
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  • Sky Island
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  • Alabasta
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  • Dressrosa
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  • Water 7 / Enies Lobby
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  • Sabaody Archipelago
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  • Other / I don't watch OP
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  • I liked Marineford :)

    • Everyone liked Marineford :)

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    • I do agree with you on the teasing bit. But when it got good, it got good.
      I have a bad habit of sticking arcs together, like Impel Down + Marineford, which doesn't really make it fair because I loved Impel Down too.

    • I agree, I still think it was good when it got going, which might be why it was the first arc I could think of as a favourite. I get what you mean about sticking arcs together, and I agree that Impel Down was a good one too :) I think that I'm also a big fan of any arc with anything to do with Shanks :)

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