Have you ever trained a new worker at your job? What's your style?

Have you ever had to train someone new at your job? What's your method of training?

When I was training for my job, my coworker walked me through everything and I took very copious notes. When I took my management position at my last job, the store manager had me watch him do everything. Then he walked me through them a couple of times as I did them, then he guided me through them over the phone.

In the past, I've had people observe me do everything, and then I'll have them do it. I'll guide them through it once, and then as they do the work, I'll ask them how it should be done. Occasionally, I'll drop hints.

If you've trained new people at work before, what has been your method of training?


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  • No, every time they try to make me I pawn them off on someone else. I'm a hands on learner which makes me a hands on teacher but I recognize not very many people are the same way so it's not effective. Cause I legit throw people to the Sharks when I train them.

    Minimal explanation and a "I'll be over here if you need help"

    • I worked another job once when the guy said he'd do that, but that's not what ended up happening haha.

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  • I am a new yorker. 90% of us are very meticulous with what we do and how we do it. We are also anal with a few things, In training someone (I was a former mentor) I would train the adult replacing me on what to do and how to handle the kids. Train them like they dont know anything and watch give them tips, dont make it monotonous or arduous, make it so they can grasp it


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  • First I have them watch me do it, and as I do it I explain why we do it this way. Then I ask if they have any questions and if they feel like they understand. Then I have them do it and I supervise and give feedback.

  • Explain-and-try- method!

    He sits next to me, taking notes, while I explain how it's done, step by step.
    Then I make him try it and guess. And if he does it wrong I explain why it should be different.
    Then I make him do the easiest things while watching over his shoulder.
    And then I let him try a few on his own and after that he can call me to check if it's all okay
    And he shouldn't be afraid to ask me something if he's struggling


What Guys Said 2

  • Do it once, explaining the purpose to each step, then have them do it a few times under my direct supervision giving feedback and advice along the way.

  • Yes I did that! When they had question they could come to me with questions and then I tried to help them.