Black people, are you offended by white people having cornrows?

Kylie Jenner's in trouble as she caused a "race row" on Instagram after posting a picture of herself donning a cornrow hairstyle.

Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg has accused Jenner of "appropriating black culture".




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  • Nope not offended we just think its funny and that it never or rarely looks RIGHT... lol


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  • That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
    Do white people call out black people for trying to straighten their hair? Do they call them out when they "appropriate white culture" especially considering that's a large part of theirs anyway?

    I don't know who that broad is, but I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire. Tired of this shit.

    • we don't really care what YOU all think we STILL think its COMICAL to see you all in cornrows.. and ALL black people do NOT straighten THEIR hair -- its naturally straight for SOME. and wtf is" appropriate white culture" NONE OF us except the SELL OUTS even WANT to be LIKE white people EVER if anything in the BLACK culture its an INSULT to be called a WHITE girl or we will say STOP acting WHITE its NOT a PLUS is a MINUS to US... FYI

    • @theville
      " in the BLACK culture its an INSULT to be called a WHITE girl" Oh is that why black dudes fall all over themselves to get with actual white girls? Is that why black women are more likely to not be married than other ethnicities especially white women? Perhaps we can talk about children out of wedlock or STD rates.

      White culture is the basis to every facet of you life. From the holidays you celebrate, the language you speak, the ceremonies you hold... It didn't originate in Africa, sweetie.

      Cornrows look stupid on everyone, especially white people. We are in agreement on the latter part, yes? But we both know that it's bullshit to be offended because white people have that hairstyle. You even said yourself you weren't offended by it.

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  • Amandla brings up a pretty valid point especially since Kylie's picture was retweeted with #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter. A LOT.

    So here you have a white girl with a black hairstyle that takes significant time and effort posting a picture captioned "woke up like dis". It implies that hairstyle is so easy and that Kylie Jenner just rolled into it. And since it's so easy she can wear it like a costume. Because "normal" people don't wear their hair like that every day, right?

    And this is not the first time Kylie has appropriated black culture so she knows.

    She knows she has a voice and she knows her choices affect others. She didn't choose the WhiteGirlsDoItBetter tag but she saw the trend. Instead of stepping up and saying "no we don't. This is a legitimate technique that millions of black women use every day to do amazing things. So please don't use my picture that way" she went with some lame brush off.

    I get she's only 16. But so is Amandla. If she's mature enough to say this is a problem and why. Kylie is old enough to understand it too. If Kylie wants to take from a culture she has to support them as well.

  • I don't care at all. People can do whatever they want with their hair. I just don't necessarily think it looks good on Caucasian hair, so they're not doing themselves any favours.

  • They are being way to sensitive
    Ps: I had to google what appropriating meant lol😅

  • I honestly don't care I just don't like it when white people try to defend it by saying " black people straighten their hair" as if they are the only race born with straight hair.😒

  • That's fucking ridiculous. Whoever said that needs poking in the eye.

  • Do you man, no one in the real world really gives two. if she likes cornrows, cool, like people tend to make a big deal out of nothing.

  • Yeah it don't suit white people 😂🙈

  • I find it to be hilarious.. and I'm black.. lol

  • I couldn't care less...


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