Was anyone else completely left speechless by Ex Machina's ending?

I just saw the movie and I'm just wow'd at how Ava managed to just pull this off. I honestly still cannot believe how surprised I was at the writing it was just perfect...


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  • My husband absolutely hated the ending because Ava locked away Caleb who was "completely innocent" lol. While it's quite unexpected I fully understand why Ava locked Caleb. He's the only person who knew what she truly was. I am glad she ran away.

    • I don't think she wanted to leave him, she asked him "will you stay" and he didn't answer so she just left. Afterall she said they would go on a date at a traffic intersection.

    • She fooled you too! Ava faked it to make Caleb help her escape. She definitely wasn't going to take another 'Nathan' with her. The only man she knew was her creator and he kept her caged. I don't think she thought very highly of humans in general.

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  • so any link about it we can see it as well?