Would a guy suspect a girl was mentally abused as a kid if she always talks in a baby voice/won't let guys near her?

Or has social problems, stuff like that.

Freaks out if he comes too close to her.

I feel like men would be, but I don't know about guys, (like in their early twenties).

They're too young to understand such complexities and I would think they thought the girl was weird.


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  • I myself have social anxiety... but i had a crush on a girl that was also sort of awkwardish and had a shaky voice. I did not think she was mentally abused. I thought she was like me, in fact, I crushed harder on her xD.


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  • Guys usually have no idea I was abused badly and died/revived two times already in my life. I'm not socially awkward but can't stand being to close to men that I'm not intimate with, I usually can't even stand when guy friends do it, but on a rare occasion close guy friends I will accept proper hugs from. Usually they don't get it to the point where even though I tell them to back the hell off of me and stop touching me they will try to comfort me by touching me even more. -.-


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  • A smart guy would and a dummy won't :)


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