Let your imagination flow. Story time?

I'm waiting for my takeaways right now and kinda getting bored. So story time! It's time to let your imagination run wild and free 😜

Start the story with "Once upon a time……"


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  • Once upon a time
    There was a little boy with a rhyme
    and he sing of love and romance

    He loved a girl named Lucy
    but didn't have a chance :(
    he knew his rhymes were fire though

    And those rhymes could win her heart!
    But he had to play smart
    and get it right from the start

    so he wrote his rhyme
    but it took a long, long time
    now they were all grown up!

    So he came up to Lucy!
    and said
    Yo! lucy! its been a long long time

    Let me hit you with
    With one of my famous rhymes!
    i promise i won't waste your time

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    You hair smells like herbal essences shampoo

    I didn't want to fall in love
    but what could i do!!!
    my mom thinks you are beautiful too!

    So what do you say?
    i know i sound cray,
    but i would like to treat you to some ice cream today :)

    • That's nice haha if only there's guys that do it nowadays 😣

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    • OMG! thanks for the MHO!

    • You're welcome 😊 I like the poem!

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  • Once upon a time, there was this girl that was the product of a broken home. She never experience a fatherly love and she always felt neglected because her mum was constantly busy with work. This little girl grew up to be a young and sweet teen girl. She's the epitome of beautiful. And every guy was interested in her. She rejected all of them. Her life was never happy, that is, until she met this guy. He's the happy-go-lucky kind of guy, he's caring and he's very loving. She was attracted to him and vice versa.

    They began to fell in love and soon after, was in a relationship. They got married years later when the girl has reached 21. They lived happily ever after. This girl told to herself that she finally found a happy family.

    • But then, one day as she told her husband goodbye, her husband kiss her on the forehead and told her "I'll love you forever" and while she was walking on the pathway to work, she question herself "What does it mean by forever? What does forever means?" And she remembered about her grandparents that died together, they were together forever; she thought of her biological father and her stepmum that died together in an accident, they left the world forever; and she thought to herself "Yes, that must mean forever, to be together forever". As she went back home, she went to the kitchen, grab a small knife that was placed in the drawer in the kitchen, and she head upstairs to their bedroom, locating for her husband.
      She found her husband in their bedroom, and as he saw her approaching him with the knife, he asked "What are you doing?" And as she went closer, she said "Tell me you'll love me forever, won't you?"

    • Dayumm girl! You will always find a way to continue all my stories huh 😂

    • Thank you! :D


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  • The man in the hood trampled across a reed of grass. A bow was slung behind his back. Three arrow--Yes, three, not one, not two, but three arrows, finely entwined in white silver, were at hand. The man would have appeared human, had it not been for his monstrous maroon eyes and hair that was coalesced with silver and moss green. Yet, no feature could be seen, except for his parched lips and ashen-brown beard. Black gothic robes with streaks of ivory white veiled his body. His chest, however, was left exposed to the chill winds that stirred the lands. A silver blade, 5 foot in length was slanted to his sides. A black belt, coated with strange symbols of a phoenix were branded into its surface.
    He crept across and squatted then scanned. The plains were monotonous, vast and in short, a purgatorial wasteland, desolated and free from any souls lingering around such a place. Many leagues, a stream of linking mountains with snow packs perched on their tips, could be seen. To his right, however, was a craggy pit, unfathomable as people of Willshire had said it would be. The pits were the places of many souls forgotten, lost and pitied. Those who died a horrible death, murdered, head sliced open, would make their journey into the pits. Some strange tales were rumored in his home lands that those who wandered to close, would be dragged into the eternal hell of screaming souls. The hooded man shuddered at the conjured thoughts then got up, thinking 'Esprigon shouldn't be too far from here.'
    Yes. Esprigon, a name that could could only be given to a faraway land possessed by tenebrous evil and animosity. The hooded man fixed his hood and brought it just a little further down, so that it faintly touched his nose. Oddly enough, he was able to see through the hood with ease. Nimble, he trotted down the lands. He had very little time left. Perhaps a day and no more--that he would live to see his love. A deep rancorous was kindled in his heart whenever he thought about her imprisonment. The King of Esprigon had imprisoned her, kept his lady deeply confined in the shackles of doom. He gritted his teeth, clenched his fists and ran with eyes narrowed. Chill wind surged past his face. The sword at his side would pounce back and forth, with each step taken. Soon enough, the monotonous lands transcended into thin snow. It was no more than hours later of running, that icy wind greeted him. He was told by his villagers that the lands before Esprigon were. . .

    • Sorry GaG has a word limit. But that was something i made in 5 minutes time. I know. . . it needs work. But if you want something like that, I've written two books. The Price for Power and The Eye of Genesis (Dark Prince Revived) the third is a continuation in the series--The Envoy of the End.

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    • Thanks. But nice is not good enough for me. I have to become better and better. I have to become legendary. I will!

    • You will 😊 Keep it up 💪

  • True story... in the kitchen... Once upon a time, haha... Often times work can be so stressful and seems to sap the energy (or life) from you. I remember once coming home feeling a bit stressed and drained…. I just wanted to fall on the bed and sleep…and she knew it somehow…so she told me to come and help her in the kitchen to bake some biscuits... so I figured at least I’ll get some time with her... and just like that I followed her lead…. watching her hold my hands and show me how to roll the dough, spread the flour, how to divide the butter in 250 gram sections or like when she’s mixing the dough... she’ll ask me to taste it…. and so instinctively I’ll reach for the bowl with my fingers…and pretty much out of nowhere…. haha, she lightly whacks my hand... and instead puts her finger in... scoops up some of the dough... and holds her finger right in front of my mouth for me to taste... so I proceed “to taste”... and as I go in she turns her head like she’s not interested, but I can see a bit of that “sneaky smile”... then as quickly as it went it…. she twists her finger and rolls it down my bottom lip…and lightly taps it once…. and its over (just a moment)…. and before I can even give my opinion... she says "It’s Nice hey!"... and then swiftly moves on like nothing happened... leaving my mind time to process the taste of her finger...(about 5 seconds later)…I catch up to reality…and its times like these that I just want to….(and sorry if this sounds inappropriate)…. GRAB her by her arms and pull her towards my chest so that our breathing becomes synchronized, hold her neck up towards me…and move her puffy hairstyle out of the way... look straight into her eyes and say….”Syra…I give you my heart…. always, …. till the very end”

  • Once apon a time a wise general began to rise in power. As his fame grew more and more soldiers flocked to his side to aid him battle. However the general soon become discontent with these new commers. They paid no heed to there instructions and rushed into battle. The general spoke to them concerning thier tactics and pleaded them to follow his strategy. The newcomers ofcourse disregarded this information and so the general let them charge into a battle where they suffered terrible loss. Soon after the general, recognizing thier vulnerability called for a meeting. He summoned 2 horses. And two men. He paired a a young powerful mustang with a feeble man of small stature and an old mare with a powerful burly man. He then asked both men to remove the tails from their respective horse. And so the strong man pulled the tails with all his might and to to no avail it stayed put. Meanwhile while the feeble man began to strip the hairs methodically one by one. And so after laughs the strong man gave up while the feeble man had successfully removed the tail. The general then spoke. He said you see brute strength does not always over come the obstacle, sometimes you cannot do things all at once and a steady continous effort is needed to ascertain victory for this is way time captures and subdued all of the greatest challenges the earth has to offer. Now time he said is a good ally to those who possess the intelligence to properly utilize it to their advantage but a fearsome enemy to those who burst into situations with untamed tenacity.

  • Once upon a time a girl went into the ocean to go swimming while in the ocean
    she couldn't believe how far out she swimmed.. All sudden she started going
    under the water this went on for while.. Than suddenly she felt someone pick her
    up she thought she drowned and died went to Heaven but as time went on it
    could've been a hour or better she woke up to find herself laying on the sandy
    beach than when she looked the only thing she saw was pairs of footsteps that
    led from the shore to out into the ocean.

  • An old Italian gentleman lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

    Dear Vincent,
    I am feeling pretty sad because it looks like I won't be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I'm just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.
    Love, Papa
    A few days later he received a letter from his son.

    Dear Papa,
    Don't dig up that garden. That' s where the bodies are buried.
    Love, Vinnie
    At 4 a. m. The next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day the old man received another letter from his son.

    Dear Papa,
    Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That's the best I could do under the circumstances.
    Love you, Vinnie.

  • Once upon a time, there was an old dude who played a lot of video games. In order to keep playing them, he drank 3 cans of Monster energy drink. At almost 5AM, he's still wide awake and writing a story on GaG. It's good he's writing it now, because later he'll be a zombie and need even more Monster to keep going. The end.


  • Once upon a time, there was a girl, as young as 17 years old, asking on the internet for people's stories, an awesome guy, who shall be not be named and will instead be called "some guy", bored as he was, read her request and started writing his story, talking about some girl who asked for stories once upon a time and got a story by some guy, now that guy was not some guy, but instead some other some guy, some guy was still writing a story for that one girl, the first one, not the second one, knowing people will think of him that he's crazy, he decided to make up some other shit, which was total shit and didn't even make sense anymore and wasn't meaningful at all. When some guy had no clue what to write anymore and noticed that even he needs to reread his story to understand it, he just stopped writing what he wrote and instead thought «kay, let's go out» and left, never writing what he wanted to write. Now, some guy knows what some guy regrets up this day and decides to write what some guy just thought. Waiting for the story's end, he pauses the music, takes out a pack of cigarettes and leaves the house to smoke, awaiting a reply he'll never get.

  • One time this girl was waiting for more than two days, just for her takeaways--whatever those are.
    The end.

  • Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle with smelly attic bats wearing black stinky socks, with rubber sweaty gym sweat carpets, twice removed pigeon with clementine cousins, horse radish sea pickles, onion raspberries, with tormented horse poop and cow manure, with the apartment I moved into when I first moved here with childhood memories, and kitchen roof Aliens :P :( :F :E all these made up emojoys why not me? William Shakespeare added over a thousand words in the dictionary, :L :M :4

  • Lat me tell u a wonderful story : in the future all the people died and one man is still alive he goes to sleep in a fancy house and HE HEARS THE DOOR KNOCKING 😨

  • Once upon a time in a land far away, I actually got laid...

  • I'll just post one of the poems I've written what would you like to hear fantasy, darkness, love, erotica, nature, realism etc?

    • How about a mixture of love, darkness and fantasy? Seems like a cool combination.

    • Hmm I don't have anything like /:

  • Once upon a time a wizard picked up a hooker but she tried to rob him and he accidentally killed her in self defense so her brother who was part of this cult tried to avenge her and it lead to the emancipation of a bunch of cat people who were enslaved by elves and then the apocalypse. Oh and there were dragons.

  • once opon a time there was an ugly barnical he was so ugly that everybody died... the end

  • Once upon a time i slowly closed the fridge door just to see when the light turns off

  • Have you heard of a game called "The Last of Us"?

  • Once upon a time, there was a 23 year old man who was sitting in his townhouse dorm living room on GAG, giving helpful answers :P

  • "Once upon a time, there was a lovely little sausage called Baldrick..."

  • Once upon a time there was a rock-eating silica-based life form in the mid-system asteroid belt...

    • And by the very nature of his species, he was hundreds of kilometers alone when he saw something that none of his kind had seen before... (his name is Lawrence, btw)...

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    • All Bob (we agreed his name was Bob, didn't we?) could think was that the ship must be enveloped in some sort of residual physics-distorting effect left over from its traversing by whatever super-treked mode of interstellar travel the craft had used to cross interstellar space... and as he got closer, into near -enough proximity to the hulking ship, it appeared to his eyes as if he were seeing a reflection of the craft in a broken mirror, but also as if the broken mirror shards were contstantly shifting...

    • With the collision warning sounding intermittently, Dartanian (his name is Dartanian now), now seeing that he had every reason not to trust neither his instruments, nor his bare eyes, began to turn his engines to full counter-throttle in a vain attempt to avoid crashing into his target destination... but as he passed through the anomalous distortion field, he could see that it was already too late, and that a serious collision was imminent...

  • I got a dark fantasy if u wanted to hear

  • Once upon a time...

    ah, screw it.

  • Once upon a time there was a woman. Her life was wonderful and she enjoyed the company of a young man. The woman's past was dark, drugs, violence, but that didn't matter to the man. But one day the man had to go away. When he left she turned back to drugs and a life of darkness. She became addicted to methamphetamines after a month. She soon found that she was pregnant after 3 months, but could not quit. She was to far gone. The mother feared for the child's health, but when th child was finally born, he was healthy and strong. Throughout his childhood he found himself to be stronger and healthier then his companions. At 14 he began to work to support him and his mother, as his mother had fallen deeply ill, and was still using. On the boys sixteenth birthday, a man appeared, the most handsome man you could imagine. He claimed to be the boys father. He spoke to the boy. " the world as you know it is ending. You are my boy and you will protect your mother, I will not live to. He will strike me down." So many questions rushed through the boys head, but one above all "who, who will strike thou down?"
    The father reached and put his hand over the boys head, and uttered one word. "God" as if given sight for the first time the boy could now see the wings trailing behind his father, white as the purest snow. But one by one the feathers begin to turn black and crumble away into ash. " I love you" the angel said, and then in a flash of light he was gone, struck down for warning his child to protect the woman he loved. Through teary eyes the boy watched the sky turn red as blood and fire raining down from the sky. The apocalypse had began.

  • once upon a time santa clauss tried to rape one of his elves again when he saw a kid going into his candy weed garden, santa took a shotgun and followed the kid, he saw the kid taking a stick and undressing, santa saw it was a girl and saw how the girl fucked herself with the candy weed. santa made wide eyes and got a rockin boner. santa just thought "finally a girl, but i won't rape her" santa thoughtlong when he realised he was jacking off and near cuming. santa made a moaning noise and got the girls attention, santa accidently came on the girl and saw that it wasn't a normal girl. it was his long missed sister with a disease that makes her a child forever. the sister for some reason came nearer and sucked santas dick swallowing all the cum. santa couldnt resist and came a lot in her mouth moaning "no, dont sister" but she didn't stopped, then santa blacked out from too much enjoyment and woke up, dick in his sister, both laying in a cumshotted bed, santa saw his shotgun laying on his bed, full with cum and shotted himself in the head. the motherfucking end (it was a text a friend wrote once, i copied it and placed in here, i hope you dont throw up from this like i did :/)


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  • Once upon a time not long ago,
    when people wore pajamas and lived life slow,
    When laws were stern and justice stood,
    and people were behavin' like they ought ta good,
    There lived a lil' boy who was misled,
    by anotha lil' boy and this is what he said:
    "Me, Ya, Ty, we gonna make sum cash,
    robbin' old folks and makin' tha dash",
    They did the job, money came with ease,
    but one couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease,
    He robbed another and another and a sista and her brotha,
    tried to rob a man who was a D. T. undercover,
    The cop grabbed his arm, he started acting erratic,
    he said "Keep still, boy, no need for static",
    Punched him in his belly and he gave him a slap,
    but little did he know the lil' boy was strapped,
    The kid pulled out a gun, he said "Why did ya hit me?",
    the barrel was set straight for the cop's kidney,
    The cop got scared, the kid, he starts to figure,
    "I'll do years if I pull this trigga",
    So he cold dashed and ran around the block,
    cop radioes it to another lady cop,
    He ran by a tree, there he saw this sista,
    a shot for the head, he shot back but he missed her,
    Looked around good and from expectations,
    so he decided he'd head for the subway stations,
    But she was coming and he made a left,
    he was runnin' top speed till he was outta breath,
    Knocked an old man down and swore he killed him,
    then he made his move to an abandoned building,
    Ran up the stairs up to the top floor,
    opened up the door there, guess who he saw?,
    Dave the dope fiend shootin' dope,
    who don't know the meaning of water nor soap,
    He said "I need bullets, hurry up, run!"
    the dope fiend brought back a spanking shotgun,
    He went outside but there was cops all over,
    then he dipped into a car, a stolen Nova [?],
    Raced up the block doing 83,
    crashed into a tree near university,
    Escaped alive though the car was battered,
    rat-a-tat-tatted and all the cops scattered,
    Ran out of bullets and still had static,
    grabbed a pregnant lady and out the automatic,
    Pointed at her head and he said the gun was full o' lead,
    he told the cops "Back off or honey here's dead",
    Deep in his heart he knew he was wrong,
    so he let the lady go and he starts to run on,
    Sirens sounded, he seemed astounded,
    before long the lil' boy got surrounded,
    He dropped the gun, so went the glory,
    and this is the way I must end this story,
    He was only seventeen, in a madman's dream,
    the cops shot the kid, I still hear him scream,
    This ain't funny so don't ya dare laugh,
    just another case 'bout the wrong path,
    Straight 'n narrow or yo' soul gets cast

  • Once there was a great piece of pizza who was just missing a little bit of spice in his life. He needed a box or a little more cheese to complete the waves of his inconceivable heart. His womb was hurt of the lust he had for a really cute hawaiian spicey pizza gal on the other side of the table. He was a lonesome pizza, as not many pizzas are but as many pizzas go. He wanted to change the dynamics of his world winded romances. He wanted to be the richness of servittude to all of pizza humanities out there in the world who might be listening. There was a classical tone in his voice the way the bell peppers on his body would jingle, or how deep and sentimental the mushrooms on him made him feel. Anyways, this pizza was chillin one day until a little boy came into the store and asked the chef for THAT pizza. Yes THAT pizza. No not him, but his lovely foreign hawaiin soul mate that he had never spoken to. And just like that she was gone. And here he was, a little sexy pizza alll alone in the world. Here is a message to all you folks. Never buy just one slice of pizza, they have feelings too. At least have two. Or maybe even a box, of a little happy family. I hope you caught the feels and Ciao ~

  • once upon a time.. a girl asked for a story because she was bored... i could not write such a long thing as at the end she is the one going to get food.. not me... .. the end.. :)

  • Once upon a time there was a little boy in a forest he saw some mushrooms ate some because he was hungry because daddy and mommy were both killed by a big octopus because the big octopus was a mafia mobster who wanted the money the little boy daddy owe him. So he ate the mushrooms and felt weird he then start shitting like crazy and he died. Later a owl ate his dead body the end.

  • Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly, everyone died.
    the end.

  • Once upon a time someone proposed a toast to good health and a long life, but then subsequently died by choking on the wine.

  • Aaaaargh I feel like I'm at school writing a text... nonononoo
    Let me think

    • Once upon a time... There was a guy named T. He was a gambler. In this swamp town his life existed in money and blood. He had enough money to come around, but just the right amount. Never had anything to spare.
      He was not proud of his life, and wanted to walk a different path.
      But then he heard a song. For some reason it felt to him like he was being called, and so he followed the melody of song... Hoping to gamble and try his luck again.

      It led him to the water. The singer of the song was a siren... a monster with a big mouth full of razor sharp teeth. 'This song was for you', the siren said. 'I Knew you were in trouble, and I am here to help you find happiness.'

      'Can you help me leave this disgusting place so I can start a new life?' The gambler asked.

      'I can take you anywhere' the Siren said. 'The rivers are my home.'
      The price you pay is small. I am a creature with a large appetite, and I can't easily fill my hunger. And those best tables... Never got a place for me.
      That's why...

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    • The Gambler and the princess believed the creature, for it sounded so honest.
      But they failed to notice when the siren opened its jaws... And devoured the Princess.

      'The gifts... the gold... was not enough', said the creature. 'But this... this fed my hunger. Cry as much as you want, you had your chance to walk a different path, but instead... you let me in.

  • Once upon a time, there was this girl that was so tired she feel asleep before even managing to type this finish

  • there was a donkey

  • Once upon a time I asked a guy out and it just said "seen". The end.

  • Once upon a time...
    There was a young lady who was naked in a dungeon... she was tied up. She suddently heard foot steps... the footsteps came from a big troll. The troll got in the dungeon then spread her legs... and then stuck 7 inches of his 20 inch cock.
    He went in and out of her tight wet pussy.. the girl got so wet and started moaning. 20 mins later he started to lick her clitoris and suck on it making it wet and juicy... he slowly moved to her soft tits. Then she got on her knees and sucked his cock, starting from the tip And deeper but not too deep. He then came in her mouth And quickly went to her pussy and came in it as well.

    9 months later she had 7 little troll babies. The end

  • Once upon a time there lived a man and a flying unicorn. the man would often watch the glorious unicorn drink from the river in his backyard. One day he said to himself, "I want her all to myself to keep". So the next time he sees the unicorn he grabs his net and rope and catches it. After keeping her trapped inside his shed all day, and hearing the constant constant crying. He visits the shed and sees how unhappy she is. He decides to set her free. She immediately flies up to the sky, practically out of sight at this point. but every now and then she comes back down to drink water from the lake. This time he appreciates the beauty from a distance by just watching her be free and happy.

    • My dad used to tell me this story but he said it in Spanish.

    • Hey nice story 😊

    • Thanks 😊