What are your feelings on "Political Correctness"?

I've been disgusted by it recently, and I really do wish it disappeared.

As human beings we have the RIGHT to speak our word, whether you like it or not, or whether they agree with you or not.

The fact that people are too scared to share their opinion im fear of being brandished "Racist", "Xenophobic", "Homophobic" or a plain old "bigot", truly baffles me. Why should we have to worry about WORDS? Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but WORDS will never hurt me!

What are your thoughts?


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  • I think it's play to be politically correct especially in formal setting like work. So many people are worried about political correctness when I just think it's more like people not taking your bullshit anymore.
    Also if words need hurt then why are you afraid of labels?

    • If someone calls you an ___phobe and spreads rumors to everyone you know on that basis alienating then it could certainly be a problem

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    • He didn't say that. He said people are to scared to speak their opinions because political correctness will shame and bully them successfully restricting his freedom of speech. For example trigger words. You aren't allowed to say certain words nowadays because someone might get "triggered"

    • @thekaruguy but that's what I don't understand though. If everyone said the N word and a small percentage said that was racist he'd say their but thirst. But because the tables are turned and everyone isn't against what he's saying he's upset. Which is what I don't understand.

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  • The term Political Correctness is simply another way of saying "Stop being a prick and consider other people's feelings when saying hurtful things". Now I'm not going to lie, PC does get out of hands sometimes, especially when it start censoring things that aren't even offensive, but I do believe the concept was created with good intentions.

    We do have a right to speak our words (Freedom of Speech), but what most people fail to realize is that Freedom of Speech does not give you immunity from consequences. For example, I have the right to walk up to my boss and call her a "Stupid dumb bitch with a bad hairdo", however, Freedom of Speech isn't going to protect my ass from getting escorted out of my job and fired.

    Also that whole phrase about sticks and stones was the biggest lie ever told to me as a kid (next to Santa Clause). Words can hurt just as much if not as more as sticks and stones. While most physical injuries can heal within days/weeks. Comments from someone that struck a nerve can stay with a person for years if not a lifetime.

    • "Political Correctness is tyranny with manners" - Charlton Heston.

    • Like I said prior, some some things that do get censored in the name of PC is illogical but other things can be reasonable. A football player being criticized for simply praying is an example of PC getting out of hand. A person giving their opinion with evidence about situations dealing with religion, race and culture again should not be censored because those are facts, which can actually help educate society.

      But saying hurtful and disparaging comments that are intentionally meant to devalue a group of people for example "ALL Black people are criminals who are destined for prison" or "All White people are racist " or "All religious people have low IQ." is an example of things that should be rightfully criticize because they're not only false but are comments which are based on bigotry views which does absolutely nothing for society but evokes more hatred and disdain from other people.


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  • Political Correctness is a just a synonym for censorship.

  • A lot of people who brag about hating political correctness are just pricks.

  • You have the right to exercise your freedom of speech but if you're being bigoted, don't go getting butthurt when other people exercise theirs to tell you you're a bigot.

    It sounds to me that you want to be able to say what you like without censure.

    • So long as I'm not being bigoted myself, then yes I would like to express my right to say what I want.

    • So long as you realise that cuts both ways

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  • I don't think the limits freedom of expression at all. You have the right to express yourself but it depends on how you express it. I mean, if one just blabs about stuff with offensive words without any direction on the points he's making but just to offend then that's just idiotic and even that, you're free to do it.. A step further of that is hate speech which I doubt is not a right... But just remember that there would always be consequences and expecting to have no consequences like being called racist, bigot, xenophobic etc etc is not a realistic expectation.

  • I've never liked it, never abided by it or used it in any shape or form. If people don't like what they hear then they can choose not to listen.

    As Charles Heston said: Political Correctness is Tyranny with manners

    And if not using it makes me a bigot, racist and homophobe in the eyes of people so be it.

    But I also think that wether or not your politically correct you should be able to take it as much as you can dish it out.

  • People should be allowed to say whatever they want no matter how good or bad but accept the consequences for them. For example if you said you wanted to kill the president don't be surprised if some men in suits come knocking at your door tomorrow. Political correctness is bad because it censors people by bullying them and or calling then politically correct bad names.

    • I meant the view I have on this Amandla Stenberg... when she accused Kylie Jenner of "appropriating black culture" just because of a hairstyle.

      I thought Amandla's reasoning was ludicrous... and somehow I feel bullied into not speaking of it because I might be racist.

      That Cohen guy from US TV ha recently apologised about lashing out at her in Jenner's defence... purely because of Political Correctness.

    • Pretty much the same thing I just said despite you mentioning none of that in the op. It restricts freedom of speech and self expression

  • People get offended by everything. People are afraid to speak their mind. The USA is becoming full of weak "squids". We are becoming militarily weak, and pulling out of wars. If this mentality happened during WW2, we would be speaking German or Japanese now.

    Political correctness is mind control by the squids.

  • I'm back and forth with it.
    On one hand, it keeps people from being offended and keeps the actual bigots at bay.
    On the other, it's restricting the freedom of speech.
    So, I dunno.