Your Parents Become your inner Ear in Life? True or False?

Their complements or lack of support become who you think you are

My parent never give me a supportive background or congratulated me on my successes so I've always been very self reflective and highly critical of myself. Generally in a negative way.

How has it effected you and do you plan on doing it differently with your children?

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  • My father is only supportive of my brother and has never had a good thing to say about me. My mother only cares for her husband. Seriously, when we were kids she cooked him meals for dinner and we were told to make a sandwich and its gotten worse the older I get. Now that I have a child of my own I make sure to tell her how proud I am of her and how loved she is and I will do the same for my baby boy I'll soon have.


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  • If that's true I think I have a seriously ruptured eardrum with damage to my semicircular canals.


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  • I'd rather be deaf than let my Mormon, serial divorcee, wack-job dad ride around in my head all day 😈😈😈