How to deal with a dream that's pushing me toward relapse?

I truly believe that I have a psychological fear of becoming fat. I've also been trying to recover from my eating disorder (EDNOS) for two years, and I've been battling it for six. I am also about ten pounds overweight, and trying to do it healthy this time.
Last night I dreamed that I was thinner than I am now. But I had loose skin all over my body. It was awful. It hung in huge flaps all over my legs, arms, stomach, and neck. I felt like it was drowning in it. In my despair and disgust and self pity. And it was because I lost weight after Id gotten fat. And now I keep seeing that image in my head, and I can't shake the feeling that if I don't start restricting calories again IMMEDIATELY then that is going to be the way I'll end up looking :(


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  • When we dream it's our subconscious coming to the surface... you worry so much about your weight is something that is kinda imprinted on your mind now. I mean listen to how obsurd it sounds, the skin hanging everywhere. Everyone knows that can only happen with a huge rapid weight loss, so you are gonna be fine, don't worry about a meger 10 lbs.. and if you stay true to your efforts you will reach it and be happy that you handled the weight loss appropriately


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  • Are you in therapy? If not you should be, you'd be much safer asking these questions to a professional.


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