Should we look after our parents when they get old, help them, nurse them, entertain them or should we shift them to the old houses?


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  • I say it depends how well they took care of you as a child & adolescent. If they were top notch parents and did everything the could for you then I think you should take care of them in return. If they were negligent parents and just did the minimum (provide food, clothing, & shelter) or neglectful then a nursing home is fair.


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  • if my parents can't live on their own like my grand parents did id probably send them to an old home if my sister couldnt house them. i dont like old people much even if they are family i was almost didn't hug my grandma despite it being her last day alive. I don't know they have that old people musk, you know they are going to die any day now, they are hollow shells of their former selves and some of them are crazy i know ill be old one day but still thats how i feel.

    • Ohh. When you were about to be born your mother bear the pain of her life. When you were little, weak, small , useless they helped ya, they taught ya, they spend their earning on ya, when you were unable to clear your waste they cleaned it for you. They guided you they nursed you. they raised you. They could have send you to some sanctuary but no ! their were there when you needed them most.
      How could you turn your back on them when they are old. life is too short. day will come when they will no longer be there for for you. You will miss them but that would be too late.
      Remember the time when you were young and if something would happen only a hug from your mother was cure to every problem
      Think about it. Change your attitude and the way you think. They are your way and path to success. Respect them and love them. They won't bother ya for long.
      Think again brother before its too late :)

    • i do not like my mom and thinking that way is how you owe someone for the rest of their life because it is athing you can never pay back. i never said i wouldn't visit them but that wouldn't make me like old people anymore and by old i mean like mid 70 and up


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  • Look after them.
    Wen u were small and helpless they looked after u took care now its ur pay back time.
    After all they are ur parents bcz of them u r there today
    How can one turn their back?

    • You are right sister. That's how it should be. I agree with ya :)

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    • And so is the possible psychological abuse they may inflict upon you, that is also hard to find elsewhere.

    • What about those times when u were rude!!
      You lost ur cool and gave it back thinking they deserved it?
      Look buddy if they are wrong
      U ain't any great
      Look in ur own collar then think about hw wrong are they or what they will be giving u negative stuff!

  • Take care of them of course, I am close to my parents so I totally would. After all, they have done so much for me ^_^

  • I'd rather build my parents a house in my front yard or beside my house to live in than send them to a nursing home. They took good care of me. We didn't always have a good financial situation but they loved me a lot.


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  • I told my mom that she can move in wh me and my family when she retires. However, she wint technically be living with me. I plan to have her a little cottage/beachhouse in the back where she can have her own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. I still feel we all need our personal space. If it comes down to those days where she needs to be in a nursing home, I'll hire her a personal inhome nurse. No way am I putting my mom in that place that smells like pure pee

    • My dad would definitely go in a nursing home if its up to me. He better find another sibling to spare an extra bedroom

    • Thats soo nice. You help them you server them have my words will see the success around you in every aspect of life. They are there when you were helpless. weak and useless. Now its your turn to serve them
      I am happy that your intentions are pure for them (Parents)

    • Yes for one parent, bt thank you :)

  • Do what you can, however, they will get to a point where you need to put them into a home where professionals can provide better care.

    • They could have put you into the home where where professionals could have provided you with better care when you were weak, little, useless and was not able to clean your own mess. Why they never did that?

    • That's what i said. You can take care of them and save them money for awhile but once they get to the point that you mention thats when you need to transfer them.

  • The minimum is that you should equate the treatment you got

  • For me, a decent nursing home. She did a half-assed job raising me, I'll return it.

  • for me it would depend on how bad they are