Is it hard to get a visa to UK?

Im origianally from Ukraine but moved to Poland in 2012 but now i wish to live in the UK, i would pay my way i wouldn't rely on British tax payers to fund my living however i have heard a lot of times that the British government doesn't like eastern europeans in the uk? im not sure how true that is because i have only visited the uk a few times and i didn't need a visa for that but i love the country and its culture and the people there so realistically how hard would it be for me to be accepted for a visa to have citizenship there?


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  • The East-EU population is Britain has fucking sky rocketed over the past few years, Heck, when i was in school, my yeargroup probably had about 100 people in it, and at least 10 of them were polish. Maybe another 10 were Bulgarian/Romanian/Ukranian etc.
    But, The New Tory government has made it a goal to crack down on immigration and make it harder to come here (Because people coming here from East Europe is destroying our economy).
    So, You probably could, But, it would be EXTREMELY difficult, if not EXTREMELY expensive.


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  • i heard uk runs some protectional policy for locals due to the rate of unemployment, so i would say, chance pretty tough, but you're a girl, you could go along your way with marriage, a pretty face definitely helps.

  • A visa is for non EU tourists. Rather easy.

    To live and work in the UK you'll have to see the comditions of immigration services: a lot harder.


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