My guy friend found out I was cutting and he stopped talking to me. What do I do?

My friend James found out that I was cutting and the next day he stopped talking to me. Help


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  • What kind of a friend reacts that way?
    I get that he is disappointed with you.
    But my natural reaction as a friend would be to talk to you and figure out why you are self harming.
    I'd give him a few days of distance and see if he contacted me.
    If he didn't , I'd reach out to him and try to find out why he reacted the way he did.

    If he continues to act as if he doesn't want to speak... then I guess I lost a "friend".

    That's not much of a "friend" if he won't be there to talk and support you.

    So no lost there.


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  • Maybe your making him feel bad cause your cutting , i doubt deep down that he's mad at you he just is worried about you. the only thing you can do is try getting some help and try getting hold of him to let him know that you want get better for him cause you treasure his friendship ,,

  • When a girl showed me her cutting scars I just said "wow" I'm worried for you and she got angry at me. It's hard for some to tell people about it and accept their responce.

  • just message him or talk to him irl if its irl and sort it out say you stopped or somerthing


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  • maybe stop and try talking to him. tell him you're sorry u hurt him.