What do you think of the man in Singapore that was fined $15,000 for littering cigarette butts?

He littered 34 cigrattee butts out of his flat window. A security camera saw it all. He was finded $600 per offence for the first 33 offences and was ordered to take part in comunity service on is 34th offence and had a total to pay of $15,000.

  • Good on Singapore, cigarette buts are disgusting no one wants them around and he had his warnings.
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  • Wow, they were too hard on this guy.
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  • Other please explain.
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Also this was only 4 days of littered cigarettes. His community service was only cleaning up the city for 5 hours.


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  • well he knew the laws and rules so it's his own fault, I heard you can't chew gum there either I think they just really care about their environment.

    • Yes I agree, his own fault. I think you can't take gum into the country or buy it.

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    • Oh ok well I think there is laws about what kind of music is aloud into the country and stuff to but am not sure.

    • interesting

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  • If this is specified in the laws that you get fined for this, then this is completely reasonable, even if it is a huge number.


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  • Oh c'mon it's singapore lol that amount of money was probably nothing for him - and it hopefully learned him a lesson in terms of respecting his environment a little more in the future.

    • Hahahahahaha... Well I don't know how rich the average person is in Singapore. Hopefully it did teach him a lesson.

    • I think Singapore is similar to Luxembourg in terms of what people earn and i think here the average person earns like 5000-6000 USD so it would only cost them three months of what they earn (which isn't that much in my opinion)

    • Hmmm... Lol that is a big enough fine to rake up in only 4 days.

  • good. people need to stop fucking littering.


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  • I think that is fantastic

  • I do Adopt-A-Highway cleanups. I wish they'd do that here. I'm so sick of seeing where people pull up to stop signs and red lights and empty their ashtrays on the roadside.

    • I am guessing your a non-smoker?

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    • That is correct, although I rarely smoked away from home.

    • You see if all smokers where like you I wouldn't mind them. The truth is your about one of the 5% that don't do it.

  • I think he doesn't care