What was the biggest mess up or mistake that you did and changed your life?

how did you forgive yourself for it?, and could you regain your life back?


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  • Do I have to pick just one? I've made some fantastic blunders. Epic. Legendary. Songs should be written of my stupidity, lol. In all seriousness, probably the overall relationship I had with someone a long time ago that I imploded through my own action, and then had the stones to not realize it was my fault or that I'd done anything wrong. That one was an eye opener. It took a long time to come to terms with that. I've forgiven myself, but not without a lot of soul searching along the way. And yes, I got my life back - but it's not the same life, nor will it ever be. I'm not who I was then, and tbh, that person wouldn't even recognize me. He's gone, never to be seen again. So I'll make my way as best I can.


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  • Not sure if it was a mistake, but when I had to choose to which highschool I should go to, I wanted to go to this highschool where are my friends attended to. It was small, cozy, not that far away and they had a lot subjects with art and the whole school was very artsy. They even have a fashion show every once in a while to show the clothing people there made themselves.
    Unfortunately, my parents didn't agree with my choice and wanted to go to the highschool my older sister attended to. Very big school with a LOT of students and nobody from my old school since it was too far away. I just went with my parents because I was a silent girl.
    After being bullied for years, finding nobody I could really get along with, depressions, biking really far through bad weather and bad grades I managed to find some happiness in the last years. Now I'm from that highschool and sometimes meet my old school friends from elementary school (which I still can get along with very well), I wonder if my parents really made the right choice.
    But who knows? Maybe if I went to that other highschool it would've been far worse...

    • ugh, I can relate to this... It was exactly the same for me It sucked so much :((( I'm so glad I'm over it now !


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  • I can't recall any one incident - I didn't live my right for a few years - It took a while to get out of that and forgive myself

  • i'd like to say switching highschools since it seperated me from my best friend but in reality i don't know if she even liked me or not so i suppose my biggest mistake was a what if at best

  • I picked the wrong parents.


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  • I was in a long-term relationship. Over time he changed, i saw the warning signs and ignored them. He took everything i had, he caused me to be homeless. Luckily i had family to take me in. I lost everything i worked for and had to rebuild my life from nothing.

    It took a lot of strength , courage and heartache to finally have more back than i lost. I blamed myself for a long time for ignoring the warning signs, but although i have finally forgiven myself, i still bear a few emotional scars which run deep.

    I haven't allowed this to prevent me pursuing a happy fulfilled life. I have gotten to the stage in my life where i have made inner peace with myself. I can now say ,"i have made it through hell, and found my way out of the abyss"