Is my friends dad a badass? guess his job?

Okay probably not a badass but he has a full sleeve tattoo (is that what u call em?) and he has his whole neck done too and it probably leads into the chest too, I haven't seem him shirtless so I don't know lol. He also has gauges that are pretty big. But he wears business suits all the time !!! I thought u couldn't get jobs with these bod mods? What can he work on that requires a suit? I'll ask my friend next time I see her but till then let's guess. Oh and he's around 30


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  • Sounds like the typical image of a sales person in a guitar shop haha


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  • He a frontman in a rock band. They have to wear suits for awards or meeting with their record company or publicist etc. He is a tattooist and had an meeting at a bank for a loan to start a business or a job interview for a tattooists, alternative apparrel shop, maybe hes' a barman in a Dive somewhere that is alternative catering for underground subcultures or working in a guitar shop or is a roadie.

    OH, Tattoos. I kind of like tats - only if they are creative and not squiggles.

    I wouldn't get one myself as I don't like attention but I do like Henna.


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