Going on a religious retreat and I'm terrified?

This is my first retreat and I'm going with my church's youth group. Slight problem: they all know each other and this will be the first time I meet them. So I'm really worried about fitting in with them since I know they are such a tight group already. I'm a huge introvert so it's really hard for me to break the ice. Any ideas?
Also, I have emotophobia (fear of throwing up) and so whenever I'm traveling I'm worried about having stomach trouble which would lead to a panic attack. Any idea how I can stay calm and distract myself if my stomach starts to bother me?
I'm so scared... I mean I'm going into my senior year so I should be mature and all, but I hate going on trips (and that's when I know the people I'm going with) and this is without anyone I know!!!


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  • It's okay that you don't know them yet. Just introduce yourself and let the conversation flow. I'm sure they will be accepting of you and include you in their conversations/activities. Try not to worry about it too much. After you initially break the ice and get to know them a little more, it will be a lot easier.

    As for your motion sickness, you could try taking some dramamine before you go. That helps a lot with motion sickness and nausea. And also, ginger ale is supposed to help ease an upset stomach as well.


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  • Stop posing questions relating to religious components. I hate seeing dumb people disrespect Christianity and giving stupid answers. Smh for asking secular people concerning things of church

    • All I was asking was for coping methods for dealing with an unfamiliar situation with people I don't know. I agree with you that you shouldn't ask secular people about things that relate to the church, but that's not what I did. If I had had a religious question this would have been the last place I turned. I came here to ask for help about coping which anyone, religious or not, could answer. Since I didn't ask a religious question your problem may relate to my mentioning that it was a religious retreat. I will stress that I wasn't asking anything about a retreat nor promoting it. My only intent in saying that it was a religious retreat: context. I'm sorry if I've offended you, but I respect my religion and I'm not a "dumb person disrespect[ing] Christianity." Also, looking at the answers I was given no one gave "stupid answers" and no one was disrespectful. You may be trying to make a point about the community of GAG but please investigate before you instinctively post something.

  • I always say to myself with any group that everybody was new once and look at them now.


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  • Well my cousin gets Travel sickness and you can buy bracelets that you wear when travelling to prevent the sickness (not sure how they Work) as for breaking the ice, I wouldn't worry too much... it's a religious retreat they're not all going to be smoking and having sex and expecting you to join in, just be yourself